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Finished the game, have only played Odyssey and Valhalla, I have Questions

Spoilers spoilers spoilers, do not continue reading if you haven't finished the game.

Firstly, this game is AMAZING. Not gonna lie, I play games 90% for the story and will end up cheating before the game's end because I hate combat, but with valhalla? 103 hours, not a single cheat, the combat was incredible and the story was even better.

That being said, what the heck does the modern stuff even like. Mean.

I only started playing Assassin's Creed with Odyssey, because I am a woman and honestly prefer to play games as a woman character lol (pls don't yell at me, i don't exclusively play games where I can be my own gender, but the lack of a choice always annoyed me. I'm going to go back and play the others soon!), and Kassandra was worth the computer upgrade. The modern stuff in that game confused me but I ignored it. I should mention that I didn't finish the Greek gods dlc because my computer died lol.

The ending/modern stuff in this one like, honestly angered me a bit?? Like, Basim what the heck. How did the Asgard/jotunheim parts fit with the ancient people/Isu(??)?? Why did Eivor and Sigurd see visions of Valhalla or whatever. Was the machine at the end the magical Norse tree?? Were the Norse gods Isu?? Who are the Isu?? Who the hECK is Basim??

And Basim standing over Eivor's grave, monologuing that now he can learn all her secrets through her own eyes just made me so angry omg. It puts a bit of a sad twist on going back to Eivor's world because everything that happens!! Is just feeding this jerk's knowledge! And what happened to Layla between games?? What terrible thing did she do with the staff that made her feel so guilty?? Was it something in the Greek god dlc in Odyssey that I missed?? is Basim in love with a golden stick?? Is Layla dead dead, or??! Who the heck is Basim's son and why did he think Eivor killed him?? Also I didn't finish all the glitches because I found the last one with Basim controlling Eivor and I was Angry lol.

I swear, I LOVED the game, I'm just so, so confused. Can anyone point me to a YouTube channel or video that explains things because I love Eivor and Kassandra and desperately want to understand the overarching plotline, which I fully admit to having jumped in mid-story, but still fhshdkdjd. Also I'm new to posting on reddit, forgive any dumbness, def trying to follow the rules!!

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