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First Crusade Setting for a game

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I've recently been playing through all of the games and felt like the first game left a lot of avenues unexplored. The first game, set in the Third Crusade, explores some of the best settings in the entire franchise; Damascus, Jerusalem and my personal favourite Acre. However, it leaves a lot to be desired, especially in terms of the associated history aspect. Personally, I feel a game set from 1090 – 1099, exploring the real-life order of assassins and the events of the First Crusade is a setting that lends itself perfectly to this franchise. It would be much appreciated if anyone here could answer these few questions to do with this proposal.

  1. Would an AC game set in 1090-1099, including some of the same cities as AC1, be too similar to the original AC1 game?
  2. If the game were to stay true to the events of the First Crusade, it would span from Clermont (France) to Jerusalem (Israel) and perhaps even into Egypt. Is this a terrain you would find interesting?
  3. Would this terrain and history lend itself to the semi-RPG style of gameplay of Odyssey and Valhalla?
  4. Would you be interested in playing a game focused on the history of the original, real-life order of Assassins?
  5. Would a return to Masyaf be exciting or repetitive?
  6. The original Order of Assassins pitted themselves against the Seljuks (Islamic armies) in the Holy-land and Anatolia. Thus, would you be opposed to a game setting where the Assassins are working somewhat in cooperation with the Crusaders against the Seljuks?
  7. Would you be interested in an AC3-style – very historically accurate game, focused on famous events as opposed to personal subplot, as exemplified by the Ezio Auditore story?
  8. Would the historical events such as the Siege of Antioch, Siege of Jerusalem, Council of Clermont and the traversal across Anatolia lend themselves well to Assassin's Creed?
  9. Is the proposed 9-year span too short for an AC game?
  10. Any final thoughts or questions?
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