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Fishing Sucks so Bad!

Content of the article: "Fishing Sucks so Bad!"

Besides the rarity (or non-existance of) a couple of the required fish to complete the fishing challenges, I've got a couple of other gripes.

First, the behavior of the fish is fucked! When you walk up to a shoreline, sure you might startle a couple of fish that will swim away, but they don't go far (irl), but these guys clear out like you dropped toxic chemicals in the area! And it's not just the fish near you, it's every school of every species as far as you can see!

If you do manage to walk up slowly enough to not spook everything away right away, the first fish you hook into has the same effect in clearing out every other fish in the area. Some times the big versions may hang around, but not always.

Seriously, have none of the developers ever gone fishing before? Fish don't do that shit.

So with that in mind, when you spook the entire river or coast, your only chance to hook anything is to do a far cast to try and catch a straggler still in range before they all go buh-bye. But two thirds of the time you go for max range, Eivor will automatically reel the line back in, despite the cast being allowed as there isn't a "can't cast here" red indicator.

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And after you've spooked the fish, they won't return no matter how long I've meditated. I've meditated for three days time, and nothing ever comes back. Fast travel is the only thing that allows them to respawn, this is not fish like behavior.

Heck, even the wildlife will still hang around and come back into view if you spooked a deer or fox or rabbit, but the fish? Nope.

Incidentally, I did manage to land one big mackeral in Norway (I believe it was, I was expecting a big hake, and was pleasantly surprised), but then lost it to the corrupted save bug issue, lost like four hours of playtime, a huge creel of fish I hadn't caught before, and the only big mackerel I've seen.

So the only thing meditation did for me was when I meditated at a known fishing spot that was experiencing bad weather, hence no fish (again, not fish like). When I finished meditating, the weather had cleared, the fish had spawned in (must have been 30-50 of different species), and disappeared in the blink of an eye following my first cast.

The frustration isn't the same as being unable to beat a boss (except for maybe Eoforwine and their limitless healing potions), the frustration comes from this aspect of the game just being broken.

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