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Freeze on autosave glitch on PS4 – any ideas?

Hi assassins. I am running the Gold Edition on PS4 (not PS4Pro), game and system both fully updated. I have been having occasional "freezes" just running around and they seem to have been texture load freezes when I go somewhere the game didn't have buffered. These have never lasted more than a second or two but they would involve Kassandra freezing in motion along with all other mobs, animals, weather particles, etc, but sound and music continue. It has also had some of the "freeze on load screen" thing but not frequently and that appears from my research online to just be sigh a known and probably never to be fixed bug so whatever. Those aren't really my concern.

Today I began having a specific freeze when I attempt to do the first stage of the "Monger Down" quest. No spoilers but the freeze happens consistently when I approach the house of an NPC whose name begins with "A". I get within about 65m (per the quest marker) and the game freezes and shows the little Greek square-knots autosaving icon in the bottom left. I don't know but I suspect it's freezing because something has gone wrong with the autosave. Aaand that's it. It locks me out partially from there. Joysticks, face buttons, d-pad, shoulders, and center pad all don't respond. Only the PS button, Options button, and Share button work. If I hit Options it does take me to the menu but it's weird and glitchy – Map and Inventory are black, Abilities screen is normal (?). From Abilities screen only I can actually hit left D-Pad to get to main menu. But attempting to reload from there just changes to black screen, loading musical theme, and the same Greek square knots autosave animation, and it hard locks there. I force stop from PS menu and it reloads just fine. Until I try to approach "A"s house again when the freeze is replicated. As it stands the quest appears glitched and unfinishable which is annoying since I think it's required for the main story?

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I can't find anything about this specific freeze anywhere online and I'm trying to figure out if deleting and reinstalling game data will do the trick or if my savegame itself is corrupt. I do have four or five older autosaves / manual saves I can go back to but only two of them are recent enough to avoid some serious loss. And I'm hesitant to touch any of them for fear they might be corrupted too (if that's what's happening). So far I've only been reloading from the last autosave.

Any suggestions?


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