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Future of Valhalla and why I’m more hopeful then ever. (Spoilers for Valhalla)

Future of Valhalla and why I'm more hopeful then before.

Back in October when Ubisoft announced it's post launch plans for Valhalla I was excited for it. Now I'm even more excited due to the potential it has now. As we know Valhalla was a major success for the company in term of unit sales and Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will have a longer post launch support then Odyssey. This gives Ubisoft time to work on their new game while continuing support for Valhalla. It really looks like Ubisoft is serious about giving players the Viking fantasy. I don't like everything they've been doing post launch but I'm excited for the future. In the update tomorrow it says that new maps will be added. gamer said that 3 new maps will be added. I think that It could be Scotland, Wales or new parts of England. Not all of Wales and Scotland though like small parts.

I really hope Ubisoft does this. Ireland comes out soon and It would be so cool to have the main areas of the British isles. But even after this update I wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft eventually added more maps. Ubisoft can have multiple locations in one era. Here are some things I'd like to see.

  1. Return to Vinland. I know that one of the dlc's will return to Vinland but I just love that area. Eivor seemed to love that area as well. "Return to Vinland, the new world and encounter new mysteries and adventures." Map of Vinland is expanded.
  2. Iberian peninsula. "Sail to the Iberian peninsula, a region ruled by many empires. collect new riches, fight powerful new enemies and help build your influence so you can raid the region again."
  3. Rus. "Journey to a cold land in the far east. Once a Viking land, this region is now a Christian nation. This is good news, this means more riches to be stolen from the Christians. Be quick because the warriors of this land are harsh"
  4. Egypt. Not all of it obviously, it would be a small portion. "Travel to the black land, a land ruled by many over thousands of years. Learn more about the early days of the brotherhood and raid if you must"
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Valhalla has the potential to be a globe game but I doubt it'll happen. Imagine though. England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Frankia, Norway, Vinland, Rus, Egypt and the Iberian peninsula. What else do you hope gets added in Valhalla's post launch?


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