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[GUIDE] Spreadsheet of Weapon Damage Combos + Explanation of Combat Mechanics – What’s Your Favorite Weapon Combo???

Was bored (and curious) so I decided to create a spreadsheet figuring out damage from each weapon type and how they function since Ubisoft poorly does this. This is done with ZERO perks active and completely naked of all gear minus that exact weapon. Level 1 is the closest to Base so that gives us a foundation to work with when looking into level 400.

This may offer some transparency to how some weapons load their damage on to certain parts of their attacks such as Great Swords heavily amplify their Heavy Finishers or Flails having a very strong Light Finisher. Note that I do not know for sure how damage is officially calculated in this game between Melee, Light/Heavy, and Attack. But the relationship you see in the sequence in this spreadsheet remains relatively true to scale at different levels when I tested it. I did have some discrepancies in the exact Multiplier between Level 1 and Level 400 for a couple of the Dual Wielded Weapons (such as the finisher move for Spears were a bit higher and could not figure out exactly why). But when I double checked all non-dual wield, these were quite accurate to within plus/minus 2 points for me. So I'm fairly confident in this for the most part. Note that Level 1 damages include the Defense damage as well while Level 400 does not.

Just know that the Level 1 numbers were easy because the Testing Dummies did not get obliterated and tested this many times over. At Level 400, I had to be careful to miss my first couple attacks before landing the correct attack sequence so this led to some difficulties. Should also be known that dual wielding weapons does apply damage to each individual weapon BUT damage numbers may show them as 1 strike. For example, dual wielding daggers, you will quickly attack with left and right blades. This will combine the damage values into 1 larger value. Thus, if you see an odd occurrence of a very low value–can commonly see this when landing a final strike on a low HP enemy–it's because you're only seeing the value from a single weapon. It's a bit odd and annoying but I figured that out from going through some slow-mo recordings to track some weapons lol. You sometimes can actually see the number change from say an "8" to a "13" in the case of the Dual Daggers.

So some interesting explanations of certain mechanics that many may not know:

– STUN Damage & Enemy Defense Bars: This one is actually simple, the lower an enemies Defense Bar (the bar above HP), the more damage you will deal. This will amplify your damage up to 30% when the bar is near 0. When the bar is half way, you will deal 15% increased damage. Stun is applied through all forms of damage to an enemy (including elemental) but some forms deal more Stun damage than others such as Heavy attacks and Finishers.

– Deathblow Attacks: It's easy to miss this since it's only described in the Tooltips once during loading screens. A Deathblow attack is when you depleted an enemies Defense Bar and they are vulnerable for a special attack that is typically prompted by pressing a special interaction button (R3 for PS4/PS5 players). A Deathblow can also be administered by simply using a Heavy attack. This attack will deal about 3.5x more damage than a normal Heavy and also does not come with it an animation which is handy. Simply put, this is "execution" damage. It's very effective to use against bosses.

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– Attack & Speed are Hard Capped: This one has been brought up a lot recently and is quite frustrating since it ruins a lot of items. But Attack is Hard Capped at 30 Points and Speed at 20 points above a Weapons BASE value. So if a weapon is 140 Attack and 50 Speed, you cannot go above 170 Attack or 70 Speed EXCLUDING Minor Runes (such as +4.0 Attack & +1.7 Speed). The catch here, Adrenaline Fiend from the Skill Tree counts towards this at +15 Attack and +7 Speed when max stacks so you have less to work with for your gear. So weapons like Sutur Sword have wasted value or sets like St. George Armor that gives +30 Attack. You will only use 15 of that if all 4 Adrenaline slots are filled. So keep this in mind. Right now, the Stat Page will go past 30 bonus points for Attack but it does not actually apply. Pro Tip: You typically only need 1 perk for Attack and 2 perks for Speed to reach this cap easily if you have all 4 Adrenaline slots with Adrenaline Fiend active–Speed can be applied through Armor Diamond Runes and some other source.

– A general reference to gauge "Speed" stat: Light Attacks Per Second = (Speed * 2) / 60 This is not a perfect formula but through testing by simply using a stopwatch, it's generally seems accurate. Some weapon types will vary such as Flails which seem to start off at their base Speed value for the first 2 Light attacks but then ramp up to be something like 10 or 15 more Speed once they get going–almost equal to Spears in a way. Heavy Attacks seem to be about 50% less (1.5x) of this speed value. You can see notice this between Dane Axes and Daggers.

– Crit Chance: Divide the Crit value on your stat page by 4. Similar to Speed, there is no exact known reference to identify this (and it's frustrating) but this equation that was brought up early on seems to be relatively accurate from my experience and basic testing.

– Minor Runes have diminishing returns: This is fairly well known by now but minor (circle) runes will diminish in effectiveness after the 3rd rune. So it's best to usually only apply 3 of these.

– Combo Sequences Between Light and Heavy Attacks Can Be Interchanged Mid Combo: In other words, if you want to use a Heavy Finisher but don't like how long the first 2 Heavy Attacks take or you just burn too much stamina, you can simply use 2x Light Attacks first then press the Heavy attack to use that Finisher. It's a brief memory within the combo sequences. It also works right after dodges as well. This is extremely useful for weapons like Great Swords and Flails. Great Swords run into a problem of having some of the weakest normal attacks. In exchange, it has a BRUTAL Heavy Finisher (as you can see in that spreadsheet). The problem you run into is that Heavy Attacks are slow and burn lots of stamina. So use 2x Light Attacks THEN the Heavy Finisher. You get to the Heavy Finisher in half the time and won't run out of stamina. Flails are in reverse: they have a slow wind up time for the first 2 Light attacks but a devastating Light Finisher. Mix in 1 or 2 Heavy attacks then finish with a Light Finisher. Feels a lot smoother and powerful.

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– Flails Have a Secret Light Finishing Move Thats DEVASTATING!: To Follow up from last bullet point, Flails have a secret move where if you hold down the Light attack button before you commit the Finisher move, you will endlessly swing your flails around till you run out of stamina. Here's the catch: You will apply the Finisher Damage on every hit (and hell I think there's even more to it sometimes lol). To make it better, when Dual Wielding Flails, they seem to forget they are in Dual wield form (damage is cut in half) and thus Damage is amplified even more. In the end, it's obvious this is bugged because it absolutely melts bosses. But using the trick from above, it's very easy to get into the "endless" Finisher by using 2x Heavys first.

– Dual Wielding 2-Handed Weapons is Sometimes Counter-Productive: Yes, it's awesome to dual wield Dane Axes but they can be super clunky Speed-wise. But something people may forget: you lose Speed if you dual wield. Dane Axes actually gain a nice Speed buff that's hidden from the stats page if you having nothing in your off hand (and I believe this remains true to all weapons). Think of it as a major Speed perk in your off-hand if nothing is equipped there. Because that's literally what it is and you may find sticking to a single Dane Axe to be more efficient…

– Some "Block" Perks Can Also Be Applied Via "Parry": In most cases, if a perk says to "Block" to proc it, then you must Block and NOT Parry. But there is one case I know for sure where you can Parry to gain the benefits and that is with the Perk "Increase Speed when Blocking (5 Stacks)." There is a chance there are others. So feel free to test them out to see if the perk will proc.

– Dive of the Valkyries Will Apply Elemental Damage: If you have Fire on your Weapons and use Valkyries ability, all enemies in the AoE will get a solid dose of Fire Damage built up on to them. And it's brutal of a combination that can easily wipe enemies. Use Frostruin Flail and this could arguably be one of the best DPS combos in the game alongside a Flails "endless" Finisher.

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– Elemental Damage also Applies to stacks for Runes: If you have a Viper Bow or are using runes that increase a stat for each hit (typically 10 Stacks), elemental damage will also contribute to these stacks. This is super useful for maintaining full stacks.

If anyone has more tips or potentially concerns over certain values, feel free to post below.

P.S. – My favorite kit to run with:

  • Frostruin (Main) / Carolingian Sword (Off-hand) with Crit Damage per Attack (10 stacks) and Attack increase per hit (10 Stacks as my Diamond Runes.

  • Niflheim Set with pure Melee runes and Speed perk for each enemy nearby (above 3).

  • Viper Bow with Speed increase per attack (10 Stacks).

From all my testing, I would actually consider this to be one of the best builds in the game. You can easily hit the hard caps but also amplify Crit a good amount. Plus, you can abuse Fire Strike and abilities with Frostruin on top of the fact that Flails are extremely versatile once you get the hang of them–Of course Dual Spears and Daggers are still DPS machines in their own way. Great Swords overall get a bad rap. Understandably, they are a 1 trick pony where all their damage is put into a single Finisher for the most part. But they do have one of the best off-hand abilities in my opinion. It deals high damage and staggers most shielded enemies outside of Zealots and some bosses making follow up attacks much easier. Personally, I think Ubisoft needs to move their "Multipliers" around so that the first 2 strikes deal more damage to better complement Finishers and give a more immediate response of being impactful. But that's another topic of where "balance" seems to elude Ubisoft 😉


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