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How would each of our protagonists act in Shay’s place?

Theoretically if each of our protagonists were in Shay's place, having destroyed Lisbon on the orders of young Achilles and the Colonial brotherhood, how would they react?

-Altair Ibn-La'Ahad: I don't think that Altair would leave the assassins. They are too ingrained into his DNA for him to consider becoming a leaving, with becoming a Templar out of the question. Instead I could see him trying to reform the assassins, rallying against the leadership of Achilles. How successful he'd be is debatable, possibly meaning an assassin civil war.

-Ezio Auditore da Firenze: This is a toughie because Ezio has a lot of development over his three games, but for purposes of this exercise I'll look at Revelations Ezio and AC2 Ezio. I think that the younger Ezio would leave the assassin's in much the same manner as Shay, but I think that he'd ultimately return to the Assassins and somewhat successfully reform them. As for the older Ezio I think he'd stay with the assassins and try to reform them, although much more successfully the Altair due to him being more charismatic.

-Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton: As someone with a rather black and white view of things and some very strong morals, Connor would leave the Assassins but not join the Templars. In fact he'd probably become an enemy to both and try to end the war by wiping out both the Assassins and Templars. How successful he'd be is up to debate, although I think he could pull it off.

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-Haytham Kenway: I think we all know the answer.

-Edward Kenway: This is a hard one as Edward is not an Assassin for the large amount of time we spend with him and the difference between pirate Edward and assassin Edward is night and day. I honestly have no idea how Edward would react to destroying an entire city.

-Shay Patrick Cormac: Depends, if he makes his own luck then 10/10 Shay just stops the earthquake from every happening with his super Irish accent. After which he and L A I M bicker about it.

-Aveline de Grandpré: Aveline is shown to have her own doubts about the creed and brotherhood which leads me to believe that she'd defect to the Templars almost immediately, although she'd have a far less dramatic than Shay had.

-Arno Victor Dorian: Arno follows Shay so closely that it's scary. Although I think that he goes to the Templars much quicker than Shay due to his belief in peace between the two orders. Also in absence of Elsie I think he'd try and romance Haytham instead.

-Evie Frye: She also leaves the Assassins, although it's a very stealthy exit. From there she pretty much follows Shay's path, but when she does join the Templars she's much more open to their ideals than Shay and probably debates Haytham on the finer points of Templar philosophy.

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-Jacob Frye: Jacob is pretty much a diet version of Connor in how he reacts, leaving the order in a big and bombastic way and following this he settles in New York where he sets up an new gang to fight the Assassins gang. But eventually Jacob is killed by either the Assassins or Templars for being too much of an annoyance. He just isn't stealthy enough.

-Kassandra/Alexios: I can't say because their personality is very much dependant on the player, but I'd say they'd strike out on their own and leave the whole Assassin/Templar conflict behind.

And that's it. I know I'm missing some important people, but I haven't played their games and can't really give a judgement, what are ya'll thoughts.


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