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How would you compare the experience of clearing out forts in AC Origins, AC Odyssey, and AC Valhalla with one another?

My favorite part of AC is clearing out forts. I enjoy sneaking around while killing everyone in the fort. I've spent a lot of time just clearing out forts in both AC Origins and AC Odyssey. My primary playstyle is that of a Hunter but I also do assassinations when the opportunity presents itself. I play on Nightmare difficulty on Origins and Hard difficulty (with light level scaling) on Odyssey. Here's my comparison between the two games in terms of fort clearing. What do you guys think of this? I'd love to hear about your experiences when clearing out forts. Also, how does clearing out forts in AC Valhalla compare to the other two? I haven't played the game yet and I'd love to know how the experience is in Valhalla.

AC Origins

  1. Fort Design: Large and sprawling, very "corridor-like", lots of ways to move around, lots of cover in multiple areas, poor line of sight for sniping due to multiple obstructions
  2. Guard AI: Guards tend to move out and about frequently. They don't stand still for too long. Guards also tend to sway a lot and are extremely intelligent in terms of detection.
  3. Usual causes of detection: Missed headshots, poor route planning, guards catching you due to you not checking every room and corner, guard decides to randomly climb the tower you're in.
  4. My strategy: Move around and don't stick to one area. Forts are large in size and you can't exclusively rely on your bow. Predator Bows have low ammo to begin with and the regular arrows don't have much range. You'll have to use your bow and your hidden blade equally. Use your camera to peek inside a room before entering. Guards tend to hide in a lot of the rooms. Move at a very slow pace, check every corner before proceeding, and always crouch as much as possible. The map design is deceiving in the sense that an area might seem empty but it really isn't. Guards can be very well hidden and the AI is very intelligent when it comes to detection. Do not attempt to go for headshots on moving targets. It's not worth the risk. Headshots seem really difficult to hit in this game especially when the target is walking. Always go for "one-shot, one kill".
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AC Odyssey

  1. Fort Design: Dense and compact, very open in the middle, not too much cover, excellent line of sight for sniping
  2. Guard AI: Guards still move around frequently but they tend to stand still for longer periods of time in their routes. Guards aren't intelligent at all in terms of detection.
  3. Usual causes of detection: Guard randomly decides to climb the tower you're staying in
  4. My strategy: Find a tower on the perimeter, stay there as long as possible, take out as many guards as you can from that spot, rinse and repeat. Don't try to move around too often. The forts are quite compact in nature and there isn't too much cover in the middle. You also need to be careful because guards might spot you from behind. Take advantage of the OP nature of the bow by raining death from above. If you have archery master level 2, you'll always have at least 1 segment of adrenaline if you're out of combat. Use this to your advantage and spam Predator Shot from the high ground. Only use assassinations when necessary due to the unpredictable RPG nature of the game. Set a trap on the brazier but only if you have a clear route to it. Don't try to force your way to the brazier. You can survive by just moving from tower to tower on the perimeter even if the brazier is lit. Never engage Captains or Polemarchs unless you've taken out all the guards in the fort. Save those guys for last.
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