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How Would You Rank The DLC?

Hi this is another part in my series of ranking the parts of the franchise that aren’t often ranked themselves! In this one I’ll be ranking the story DLC of the franchise. I won’t be including any of the mobile games DLC, multiplayer only DLC and none of the pre order packs or Aveline & Dreadful Crimes packs as I play on Xbox so haven’t got to play them. Hope to hear some other peoples opinions on this too so here’s mine:

1) Freedom Cry: DLC pack that justifies being its own game! Great story with its own new map and added more to a character who was underused in the main game of Adewale. Felt the need to save every slave and mission variety was much better than main game.

2) Tyranny Of King Washington: A fun alternative reality story that benefits from its goofy animal powers. Story aspect relatively strong and justifies its place by fitting into the canon. Just a shame you can’t visit the whole world seamlessly instead of in individual episodes.

3) The Hidden Ones: Loved having more Origins to play anyway. The new map had a lot of variety to it for being as small as it was and Bayeks feeling of struggle at seeing the Order return was well done. Enjoyed the overall story more than Curse too.

4) The Da Vinci Disappearance: Unlike AC2 DLC this one didn’t feel like it was cut out of the game just to earn profit. Fits in as it’s own little side story with a good mix of varied missions and cool searching plot.

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5) Bonfire Of The Vanities: Great missing sequence added back with a fun variety of assassination missions to make up the story. The new part of Florence felt pointless though even if the springboards were fun. The speech is fantastic too obviously!

6) Dead Kings: Found that story wise it gave Arno more depth by showing how he handled his grief following Elises death and that the new map was an interesting change to bright Paris. Guillotine gun was a lot of fun to use too.

7) The Curse Of The Pharaohs: Great new locations in this pack all around with the various afterlife maps being distinct from the last. Story felt jumbled to me and it felt a little anticlimactic to Bayeks story too though.

8) Jack The Ripper: Gave Evie some more game time after being underused in the main game while adding an AC twist to arguably the most famous unsolved case of all time. Fear mechanics were good fun to use as was playing as the Ripper himself. Felt like the story was undercooked though.

9) Battle Of Forli: Gave some insight into the gap between sequence 11 and 14 while using the only map that had otherwise been a pointless inclusion up to this point of the story. Storyline was a good inclusion and good cliffhanger originally too.

10) The Lost Archive: Usually hated by most because it’s the same as the Desmond sequence from Revelations but I found them to be an interesting new mechanic. Finally gave us the Subject 16 story but still probably would’ve been funner as the usual gameplay style. As an achievement hunter though the Impress acidic and Cross Styx achievements can do one!

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11) Copernicus Conspiracy: Fun little side mission pack that’s better than any of the guild related side missions from the main game. Good little conspiracy themed storyline too. Shame it was PlayStation only originally as otherwise Copernicus could’ve been his own interesting character on Leonardo levels especially with his Templar connections.

12) Legacy Of The First Blade: Better than Fate and finally added some interesting lore to another Sanctuary Assassin just a shame it was locked away in a DLC. Adds nothing new to the game world too as it just uses map areas that weren’t used in the main game.

13) The Fate Of Atlantis: The new maps were distinct and fun but like most of Odyssey just felt too bloated and the storyline felt jumbled and no fun. The modern day storyline got a bit more of a bounce though just a shame the Berg cliffhanger drops off completely by the next game.

14) Benedict Arnold: Has it’s own secluded map area that feels a bit more distinct than the Frontier did but overall missions just felt a bit plain and meh. Good little side piece though.

15) The Last Maharaja: Can’t remember anything from it apart from finding it boring and not really having added anything to the game. Never felt the need or want to replay it either.

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16) Microtransactions: ‘Nuff said

These are just my opinions on the story DLC of the series, interested to hear other peoples opinions or whether they agree or disagree with me! Links to the other ranking posts are below!

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