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How Would You Rank The Novels?

Hi I’m just someone who likes to rank things and get other peoples opinions and rankings and I’ve seen a lot of posts about the games rankings but nothing about the other media so here’s mine:

1) Black Flag: No idea why it’s my favourite but probably because it has Edward Kenway again and it’s written from his point of view adding even more to the character while adding interesting prologue and epilogues to the game storyline.

2) Forsaken: A big fan favourite anyway but earns it for being the first not to follow a games story and adding so much to the character Haytham, just a shame that it’s missing anything Rogue related.

3) Desert Oath: Absolutely nothing to do with the game and is a pure prequel to a character who deserves his own trilogy in Bayek. Very good origin story that’s one long game of cat and mouse, short and snappy for me.

4) Unity: Loved the flickering back and forth between Arno and Elises points of view and again adding extra depth to both characters and adding lots of little pot threads that tie up satisfyingly.

5) Geirmunds Saga: Similar to DO in that it has nothing to do with the game really but adds to the side characters and tells its own compelling story, drops down the list a bit just because of the convenience of Geirmund obtaining his special arm ring.

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6) Last Descendents Trilogy: Impossible to split as they’re so tightly wound together but they add to the modern story very well while exploring their own interesting time periods and own unique piece of Eden, hope they get a fourth novel because of the cliffhanger.

7) Underworld: Like some of the above entries it veers away from telling its games story but for me at times was a bit too padded out and felt bloated, has great characterisation for Henry Green though!

8) Heresy: Explores the modern templar workings in an interesting way while the sections in the past are also intriguing and explore one of the glyphs from AC2 , feel like it gets a bit lost though for me when it starts getting paranoid.

9) The Movie: Shows the movie storyline off better than the movie did itself while the Regressions add to what could have been some really interesting characters themselves.

10) The Secret Crusade: The definitive iteration of Altair’s life. Shows almost all moments (apart from Altair’s Chronicles although it still gets a mention) and fills in all the gaps between all his game shown memories.

11) Revelations: Like most of the below entries it follows the games storyline too closely but it adds its own interesting pieces between the final sequence and Embers that round Ezio and some of the other side characters off wonderfully.

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12) Brotherhood: Basically a retread of ACB but adds in some interesting filler between sequence 8&9 of the game.

13) Renaissance: Basically just a retread of AC2 plot without adding in anything new or worthwhile.

14) Odyssey: Not because it’s Odyssey but because I found the writing poorer and it’s just blocks of text and it made it a lot harder to get through for me.

Those are my opinions interested to hear anyone else’s!


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