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Hypothetical Russian settings for an AC game

Content of the article: "Hypothetical Russian settings for an AC game"

As a Russian myself, I felt like the 2D+ game was a bit underwhelming and the setting was far from perfect for an AC game, so I drafted some ideas for possible settings:

  1. The reign of Peter III (the most incompetent monarch of Russia) and his overthrow by his wife, Catherine the Great (many famous characters there, like Count Orlov, scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, young General Suvorov, architecht Bartolomeo Rastrelli (who built almost all of the most famous Russian palaces in St. Petersburg), young general Kutuzov and these are just the ones I remember from the top of my head. Apart from that her puting her former lover Stanisław Poniatowski on the throne of Poland happens just two years after the beginning of her reign, so he could make an appearance too. Setting: St. Petersburg Area (including Peterhof and Tsarskoye Selo, maybe also Kronstadt) around 1762. Ah, yes, also Peter III was killed under suspicious circumstance shortly after his forced resignation

  2. 1825 Interregnum and the Decembrist Revolt. After the death of Alexander I, who removed his successor and his brother Constantin, by Constantine's request of which only 3 people knew including two of the people next in line: Constantine himself and his brother Nicholas. Hesitant Nicholas was persuaded by the military governor Miloradovich to pleage allegiance to his brother, who himself claimed not to be the next Emperor and nobody could decide who the next Emperor will be, as both refused the throne. Growing rumors of a Decembrist revolt made Nicholas I act and become the Emperor. Decembrist Revolt happened on 25th of December 1825 with 3,000 troops led by a group of revolutionaries, inspired by the French Revolution, mutinied against Nicholas and it led to a bloody battle on the city streets. Setting: ~1825 St. Petersburg and maybe a flashback to 1812 burning of Moscow Characters: Oh, so many, without taking into account revolutionaries and monarch's family: Writers of the Golden Age of Russian literature: like Pushkin (who also had many contacts with the Decembrists), Gogol, Krylov, Zhukovsky, Lermontov, Composer Glinka and many more

  3. Time of Troubles (Smuta, an interregnum between the Rurik's dynasty and Romanovs), the whole period lasted for 15 years, which would make it a difficult, yet fascinating setting of old Russia. The events include: False Dmitriy (an imposer sent by the Polish who was the Tsar of Russia for about a year during the Polish-Moscovite War and whose fate was rather tragic at the hands of the Moscovites (as a Moscovite myself: Never mess with the Moscovites) and the subsequent war with Poles and the Swedes in the following years and even two year of occupation of Moscow by the Polish (1610-1612) and the liberation led by a Knyaz (a Count) and a civilian, who recruited a militia and captured the Moscow back during the Battle of Moscow in 1612 and became national heroes – Knyaz Pozharskiy and Citizen Minin, with the date of the liberation celebrated by the Russians as the People's Unity Day and the subsequent coronation of Michael Romanov as the first Romanov Tsar in 1613. Setting: Moscow and the Area (with places like Sergiev Posad and Serpukhov possibly included) around ~1605-1613, with appearances of 2 False Dmitriys, Vasiliy Shuiskiy (powerful boyar (noble) who was the ruler of Russia for a time), Sigismund III Vasa (king of Poland-Lithuania) and many others

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There are plenty other possible settings, but all of them felt a bit too niche, so l'm including just these, I'd love to hear ideas on other Russian/Eastern European/ Polish interesting hypothetical settings for an AC game


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