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I do not think that the length of Valhalla is a detriment and I did not find the regions’ stories boring

From the reviews of countless people in Reddit I gathered that in Valhalla only Eivor's story is interesting – everything else is a pretty lengthy filler. After reaching the end of the game (only the final region is left for me) I can not disagree more. Yes, there is an enormous story content you have to go through before you reach the ending of the game. This might feel overwhelming to some people and in turn diminish the quality of the story in the regions for them.

Personally, however, I never got bored by most (if not all) of the stories in the territories. I will go further – they were the best thing in the whole game. Each individual region had its own story arc, unique from the other ones. Some of the regions' stories were linked in the broader picture, some followed other ones before them. Most of the characters in each region were interesting and most of the time I did not know where the story would go. The way you forge alliances with the Jarls, ealdormen, etc in the regions was another highlight for me – for example, you teach a young boy how to be leader in one of territories and in another one you help a tired couple to separate in the most unusual way.

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Eivor was not a mere spectator in those stories – he was the reason why they happened. And it was never a "go-there-and-fetch-me-5-eggs" type of scenarios. Sometimes you have to advise people what to do, other times you must find it in you to not outright kill them. Most of them need your council, others try to manipulate and use you. Also, I played the male Eivor and I found his VA to be absolutely amazing – in the solemn moments his voice would be a soothing one, while in the epic battles he would roar with excitement and / or anger. The performance and the role of Eivor made each story feel exciting to go through, even only for the Eivor's presence in them.

The world, itself, feels alive as well. This is due to the many mini-stories / mysteries you find everywhere – from the archer, who did not want to wash himself, to the talking dead man. Therefore, if I ever needed a bit of a break from the current story I would do one of the many mysteries. They were all different – some of them were an eastern egg, others were a reference to the things happening in that region, third ones were just plain silly. This helped the game a lot in my opinion as there were moments, where the overall story would go to really dark places and afterwards, I needed something to cheer me up and / or to take my mind off from those moments.

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Finally, the game is simply gorgeous – countless of times I went in photo mode to make screenshots of some Romain ruins I saw or an autumn tree in the sunset light. There was not one environment I went through and I thought to myself "Meh, next one!" – all of them are astonishing and beautifully crafted. For some people the graphics or the prettiness of a game might not be a crucial factor, but in this case it made Valhalla an epic journey.

Because of all this I did not find the game too long or boring. Quite the opposite – I found myself enthralled by it and I wanted more all of the time. For the people saying the game is too long – the best advice I can give you is take Valhalla slowly. You do not need to rush it – if you ever feel bored or exhausted – pause, then come back to it. I guarantee that you would find more things to love than before.


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