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I feel like there should be a difficulty level or optional setting that actually punishes death

I've been replaying Origins, this time on hard, and I'm loving it. It feels like a good level of challenge that doesn't overly frustrate me, but it got me thinking that I wish games had an additional difficulty level that penalizes death more. Maybe not even a new difficulty setting but an additional option you can opt into, regardless of the difficulty level you're playing on.

Basically, even if you're playing on Nightmare, if you die, you respawn in the same general area and that's it. There's no real weight to dying other than the respawn time inconvenience.

I'm not at all a fan of games with hardcore runs, where you only get a single life, because I would absolutely lose my shit if I played a game for 15 hours just to have the game jank at a bad time and then that spells the end of my run.

I know many RPGs have their own takes on this, be it losing money, or having to go back to your body to get your gear, but I feel like something similar should be optionally opt-in for AC games just to give people that extra challenge if they want it.

I think they could try some interesting things with it, like, maybe if your health gets to zero, a guard knocks you out and you wake up in a cell with nothing and have to escape and get your gear back, or, depending on the enemy type, you wake up in an animal den, or if you were knocked out my a cultist, you wake up on the other side of the region inside the cultist's home base.

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I thought it was neat in Shadow of Mordor/War that when a grunt killed you, they became a captain, or if a captain killed you, they gain levels and also talk smack, which always pisses me off. Also there's the off-chance Ologs would break your sword. Just some interesting little things that make death sting a little harder than simply dying and respawning.

I'm just throwing out ideas. I liked being challenged in games but I've never cared for "hardcore" runs, and I also don't like playing on difficulties that make the game so hard at every turn that it's not enjoyable, it would just be kind of nice to have an option to make death have a little more of a sting to it so you'll play more carefully and not just Leeroy Jenkins into fights.

What do you all think? Do you think adding penalties to death would make AC games more interesting?


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