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I felt this should have been a post rather than a comment-Dont hate but ac odyssey is good

To the post: Dont hate but ac odyssey is good

It is just not assassins creed, call it whatever you want but many things about these 3 later games do not talk about assassins creed. Even when it does it just breaks the lore completely. And from a gameplay perspective, social stealth is non existent, stealth in itself in odyssey is shit and unrewarded, the parkour is shit, and no, not because of its setting. Social stealth was Assassins creed brand, the best innovation that you can hardly find anywhere but assassins creed and it was just never there anymore, the most key characteristics, and why, because it is hard to make. For every new environment these devs build, for the social stealth they need to render crowds and create appropriate environments for you to use, hard ass level design in an open world game, which you can also see in arkham series, where in the last most open world entry, arkham knight, the level design felt weaker as it needed more polish in many cases. In addition to make the parkour fun like in the older games you need the depth and to assign a certain code that defines the property of an object as grabable climbable etc etc. Here it has nothing but surface level. You can literally climb everything, you can climb mountains better than you climb buildings. Even on the RPG aspect these games fail in being unique(AC valhalla i think a bit differently in some aspects) Its just a mediocre mainstream game(ac odyssey) which is good enough, it gets hate and it should get hate, as it was slapped the assassins creed brand just to sell it. If you wanna compare it with the other RPGs feel free and you will see that RPGs like cyberpunk which came out broken is a better RPG title due to its depth and its potential if it was not fucked. If you love the game sure, but it does not deserve to be a good assassins creed game and in my opinion from a critical viewpoint it shouldnt even be critically acclaimed by anyone due to it surface level mechanics and fuck uppery in the narrative. If its enjoyable im glad, but that doesnt mean its good. I enjoyed origins very much and thought was a great game, but i just have to agree that the narrative aspect was shit and what made it great was just the acting, gameplaywise was just scraped from its originality and its depth was scraped with it yet i was very satisfied with the level design that it existed, but still it wasnt what it should have been, to me it was a 7/10, even though i loved the character and enjoyed the story even though it was fucked up and contradictory many many times with itself let alone the lore, it doesnt mean it is or it will ever be a good assassins creed game and certainly not a great game. Be objective and critical. Many people dont enjoy masterpieces like Doom Eternal because its hard to play or get used to, or just the vibe is too gory, yet it will forever be a masterpiece.

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We cannot let the games that we love die out to companies like ubi(assassins creed has gone far from the point of redemption), be critical, appreciate the details and technicalities, the hardship, the sweat, the content. Dont base of the games rating on how enjoyable it was. Many people liked or loved cyberpunk, that does not mean it was not broken, unfinished and overhyped.



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