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I find the Stealth mechanic just fine for the game as it is.

Content of the article: "I find the Stealth mechanic just fine for the game as it is."

I mean, it is way too sensitive the slider and you will be detected pretty fast. The whole idea of the lore the game carries, is smash and grab. I think the lore has this intrinsic mechanic of not going stealthy about and it is an option. Skilled players will assassinate the entire fortress with out getting detected. It is a doable challenge for those who are learning.

I find it curious, Basim makes it clear within the dialogue in several missions, you are a learning assassin. It's not hard to connect the dots in the conversations. He is tagging along and you do what you prefer. Of course he will recommend tactics and silent strolls other than engaging directly, but in case you go loud, he will put out some sick moves.

I learned in Unity, that imo had a good Stealth system, the choice ultimately falls to your playing style. Still you have some missions that would require 100% stealth in order to complete them. (Imo that was a bit punishing)

Valhalla, has stealth but it's not forced in any way. That freedom is what I absolutely love about this game. If I prefer to be McSlut axe swinger, good, or to do a brochette of enemies with my spear, fuck it. I do me. Or even shank throats of the entire camp while bush hoggin'.

Read more:  [comic spoilers](long post) I absolutely love the colonial games and i really hope that we get to see that setting again in a few years

It comes by as pleasant experience either way.

I've played the entire saga of AC on PC. In any way I mean this to be bragging rights, but I kinda feel like an experienced player of the saga at this point. I feel that this game tingles me cute in about almost every sense.

I want to know opinions and views on this subject. I want get a feel of what this community is going through when playing Valhalla compared with other games.

Be civil and loving to others. I don't mean to create a darkness pit of downvotes. Everybody has a different view, and I wanted to share mine and talk about it.

Personal input: When I'm exploring the map, I put the Outlander OST in the background. (Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan screen actors of the writter Diana Galbaldon book, The Outlander)


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