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I have lost the faith…

Content of the article: "I have lost the faith…"

My first game was AC Brotherhood and since then I've played all of them including Valhalla. But despite Valhalla being a good game I have lost my faith in this franchise mainly because I have no faith at all in the company behind (Ubisoft). And I am not talking about the bugs/technical problems, I talk about the heart/essence of what Assassins Creed once was and how it should be.

Valhalla is a good game but you play as a viking and it's too long oriented to make the more profit of these new RPG gamers. I mean I have not problem with RPG style as long as the story is focused in what the tittle of the game represents. Black flag was a good game but you were a pirate and I cannot remember who the templars were. Origins is good game but I cannot remember who the villains were.

I remember all the villains/templars of AC II, AC Brotherhood, AC revelations and even from ACIII and AC unity (the last two games with the magic/essence of AC despite being not very good) and I played them years before of Black Flack/Origins (I don't mention Odyssey and Syndicate because they are horrible…).

My point is that all AC fans I imagine we want is a good story with good developed villains/templars (not silly/forgettable ones like Syndicate and the RPG games) and some creed stuff in the story in an historical setting. It's all. But this magic is lost and it won't return. I have no faith in Ubisoft, they don't care about doing good AC games, they only want profit and they prefer RPG elements than doing a good AC story.

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I remember with AC Revelation that in that period the franchise needed a change because it was the same gameplay/mechanics than Brotherhood/II. But if you compare it with what came after, Revelations is great…

After 6 years of disappointment after disappointment I am done. We won't see again a good AC with good villains/templars anymore. Ubisoft is releasing shit after shit so so far from the original story formula (I am not complaining about the gameplay) and after 12 games!!!! I cannot recognize what once was my favourite saga. Requiescat in pace AC.


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