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I need help! Please read fellow greeks.

Content of the article: "I need help! Please read fellow greeks."

So, yes I know begging is not ok and I feel bad for this, but it's the only way I can't get this. Let me explain you, so I started watching Assassin's Creed Odyssey videos and noticed it's the best game I've ever seen and I'd love to be able to play it.

Here's some context: I used to play the assassin's creed games when I was a bit younger (I'm 16) (specially Blackflag) and I've always loved greek mythology to the point I've read the Greek Anthology twice, and also played games like Hades and others. So this game was perfect!

Sadly I'm not old enough to get money and buy it myself, and my parents are somehow against spending money in games (I've tried helping them with the house regularly, taking care of my family, walking dogs, helping neighbors, but they just keep the money for other stuff).. It's not that they're implicitly against, it's because here we live in a 300 population village with awesome views, and most people are land workers, y'know (this is Spain), so they aren't that used to Internet xD I can tell you more about later.

So I tried getting the money without them noticing by mowing A LOT OF lawns, but the neighborhood noticed I didn't tell my parents because a stupid "friend" told them so and they said won't be giving me money again.

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Now there's no way I can get the game. I even tried having it as a Christmas gift.

So this feels bad but could you guys help me getting the game. You can hook me up a key from key pages, I know some trustworthy ones I used to buy games at (back to when my parents didn't know I did so) no matter how much you help I'll appreciate it, and so if you were so nice..? I would appreciate that so much, i'd be eternally thankful for your kindness. I don't know what to give you in exchange but I'd for sure return you the favor in some way.

AND NO, I don't own a monster PC, I, in fact have a toaster. I run my games on a cloud gaming I share with a friend.

I'm obviously accepting any amount of help 🙂

Thanks for reading, mate, owe you one


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