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I need help with my builds

Okay, I run 3 builds. One is my assassin build, the other warrior, and the last is my main build which is a blend of both warrior and assassin.

I’m reconfiguring all 3 builds to maximize their potential. I’m a big fan of crits, and not a fan of fire and poison.

Assassin build:

  • Head: Crit chance at full health
  • Torso: All damage
  • Arms: Crit damage at full health
  • Waist: Crit damage at full health
  • Legs: Crit chance at full health
  • Weapon 1 (Dagger): Damage with daggers
  • Weapon 2 (Dagger): Damage with daggers
  • Bow: Armor penetration

All weapons and armor have +Assassin damage

Obviously, as you can see I’m going for crits when assassinating so I can take down elites and mercenaries in one hit. I prefer to use daggers with my assassin so that’s why I have two. How does this look? Anything I’m missing?

Warrior build:

  • Head: Crit damage
  • Torso: All damage
  • Arms: Crit chance
  • Waist: Crit chance
  • Legs: Damage with spears and staffs
  • Weapon 1 (Staff): Damage with staffs
  • Weapon 2 (Sword): Armor penetration
  • Bow: Crit damage

All weapons and armor have +Warrior damage

I like to use staffs so I have one equipped on this build. I tried to focus on maximizing staff damage as well as my crit chance/damage. Would it be smarter to have crit chance/damage at full/low health rather than the regular? I know the full or low health engravings have higher percentages. Anything else I need to work on?

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All-in-one build:

For this, I have 4 pieces with +Warrior damage and the other 4 pieces have +Assassin damage. I want to make this build even when it comes to assassin and warrior damage. This is my main build that I usually wear when roaming. I’d like to be able to assassinate effectively but also be able to hold my own against multiple enemies. For this build I prefer a sword. I don’t have any engravings picked out because I’m stuck on which to choose. If anyone can offer some guidance on which engravings to use that would be awesome.

As for all the builds, I’d like my assassin build to have +150% assassin damage or more, my warrior build to have +150% warrior damage or more, and I’d like the all-in-one build to have +100% assassin and warrior damage.

Any help here would be great. I just need someone who knows what they’re doing to review my builds and offer some corrections or adjustments. Thanks!


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