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I played two run throughs of AC Odyssey and contemplating a 3rd after experiencing Vahalla.

Odyssey was superior, most likely because they built upon the best aspects of Origins. There is literally things that are somewhat subjective and aspects that some may be able to take or leave. However let's compare a few things from Odyssey and Vahalla.

Sidequests, like the Podarkes missions were replaced with what, a mission where a lady asks you to bring her viper eggs, only to fart on you? That's what I feel like the developers have done to us consequently.

You have a ship where you can recruit some cool looking mercenaries that can help you take down other crews. Although you didn't have customization over them, they still looked cool, had attributes and behaved uniquely. Now you have a Jomsviking you can't keep the largely mundane gear equipped to and walk around your 9th settlement to see a fantasy character some weirdo made.

The settlement has little affect over the game and somehow doesn't improve upon already cool developments like Ezio's Town, Edward's pirate hideout or hell even Connors settlement. You get underwhelming cosmetics that serve no use amd seem to be an after thought.

The enemies are bland and quite honestly a bore to even want to kill lol. The hidden blade has no fluidity even compared to Odyssey which allowed the character to run slash NPCs and keep moving. Now you are force into a repetitive animation over and over again.

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The in game economy is utterly useless as you can't even purchase anything with silver other than a few random skins. Which is a huge oversight, why build a settlement and raid if you can't even do anything with the currency?

Having to do some little puzzle for a chest filled with leather and ore, something that at least has use in Odyssey, turns into a labor.

In short, AC Vahalla feels like and older assassins creed game alright. They've already done every hour of it in other games.

I don't think I'm the only one that thinks innovation correlates with not necessarily changing the elements of the game, but how a player is able to approach them or customize their experience.

I know I can't hit everything, but what are some other areas they missed the boat(pun intended) or could improve on?


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