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I really REALLY hate the look of the armor and weapons in this game

Content of the article: "I really REALLY hate the look of the armor and weapons in this game"

TLDR: ubiosft continues to take a big lazy shit on good weapon and armor art design for years and im all pouty and mad about it >:(

(Also im on mobile so sorry for bad formatting)

A contentious and inflammatory title to be sure, but im getting really pissed off now not just with vahlalla but with all of ubisoft big releases, it's just vahlalla has been a breaking point. And screw it, im high on dilauded in the hospital so imma going to rant, something o genuinely don't do often.

Really though, im starting to truly despise whoever is the lead weapon and/or armor artist at ubisoft. Its not just vahlalla but all their major releases. Every game has the most ass backwards, frustrating, design by committee, fantastical bullshit, baffling design choices ive ever seen in modern games. From the cheap looking garbage airsoft gear in ghost recon, the straight from LOTR, "more-gold-then-god" look for vahlalla, m249's being the mainstay weapon in watch dogs legion, Summer shorts and flip flops in the division 2, to the literal circus level of clown bullshit in seige, to whatever heroin induced nightmare is going on in for honor, and the blatant asset reuse (watch dogs is still using gun models from fucking far cry 3, not the same type of gun, literally the same model copy and pasted).

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And if its not baffling art and design choices its the massive number of "we gave it to the intern" level of bugs, every game is riddled with clipping, mesh seams, missing textures, clipping, screwed up animations or just plain 'ol shit animations, floating bits, clipping, terrible mesh rigging, nonsensical physics, and fucking clipping1.

The worst part of all of it is just how dug in ubisoft is with this design philosophy that they seem to have no hope of ever changing, everyone of the subreddits for these games is constantly bombarded with requests for better looking or at least more appropriate looking gear for there respective games and every time its just silence, usually paired with another awful looking store item.

Heres the thing, this may seem overly dramatic and vitriolic for a seemingly small part of these massive games, but armor and weapon designs is my thing or at least my biggest interest when it comes to games art. Ive always told myself that if I ever took up art (3d or traditional) it would be focused on equipment and prop design. Im always all over good details and consistency in design and i get huge amount of enjoyment from good design in any game, from the grounded to the fantastical. I legitimately consider the equipment design in these games to be as offensively bad and lazy as to how crap the audio quality is to audiophiles. Again sorry for the rant, but I just feel so defeated. Anyways thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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1 ive honestly been scarred by the staggering amount of clipping in ubisoft games. I have one particular standout moment though that has literally changed how I've viewed games for the worse. After spending the better part of an entire weekend scouring the whole map in AC3 for captions kidd treasure, this was around launch so no help from online guides, i finally got captain kidds outfit, only to immediately notice the sheer number of bugs, mostly mesh seams. I was incredibly disappointed, and on what could be considered the most petty, privileged, first world grudge ever, ive never really forgiven them.


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