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I think AC series could use another major reboot (no, this isn’t an AC hate post!)

Content of the article: "I think AC series could use another major reboot (no, this isn’t an AC hate post!)"

So, I liked every single AC game so far. Unity, even Syndicate… I had a great time with all of them. When Ubi broke the annual release cycle and rebooted the series with Origins, I was actually blown away by the game. Many people said it wasn't AC anymore but I thought the setting and the story were 100% AC worthy and I instantly liked the rpg elements. Same goes for Odyssey which is the AC game I probably played most.

While playing (and recently finishing) Valhalla though, I felt a kind of fatigue when it comes to the "big mighty warrior" AC titles. Despite enjoying every minute of it (minus the two thousand bugs and glitches), I don't think I need more. This was definitely different after I had completed Origins and Odyssey.

All this made me think how much I'd enjoy another reboot of this series and I think it could be a common thing for Ubi to do this after having released a trilogy or a row of similar titles. Now the speculations and wishes can start, of course. Personally, I'd be pretty happy, if AC abandoned its current trend of having us play as invincible warriors and demigods and instead focused more on stealth, operating in the shadows. Gameplaywise, this would mean a heavy re-conceptualization of combat, abilities, movement (proper parkour, please), etc.

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The "Recover the lost whatever…" quests are a good example. In Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla you can "steal" something by running into an enemy camp, killing everyone and running out again. Or you could run in, get the item and run away until you're not followed anymore. That's something I'd like to see changed. Playing as master thief turned assassin… something like that. And please let us have flaws and character development. The only flaw you have in the last three games is that you're too powerful and above everyone and everything.

While I wouldn't mind one fixed character as main protagonist, I also like the idea of having a huge, innovative, extensive character creation. This brings me back to the flaws thing. Let us be a smoker, a coffee addict, a weed smoker, depressed, mentally ill, etc with gameplay consequences. I know this has to be done with the highest amout of respect and sensitivity possible so it won't be offensive and in bad taste. But it's only an idea, after all…

So yeah, any thoughts?


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