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I’m tired of murdering hordes of innocent people in the RPG saga of Assassin’s Creed games. It is the antithesis of the values in which the series is named after.

This mainly became a problem in the RPG trilogy. We traipse around whole countries, murdering anything that is in our way. The RPG system contradicts the values of the creed. You are rewarded for killing as much as you can, regardless of if the people truly deserve it.

Bayek kills thousands across Egypt for a revenge quest. Kassandra is a mercenary who has no qualms with taking peoples lives if she is payed for it. Eivor is the worst offender, literally invading a foreign country and killing thousands defending themselves for vein reasons like wealth and glory. These people would have been targets of the older assassins, the amount of suffering caused by these people trump any caused by their enemies. These characters have no higher noble goal that gives them any moral justifiability to kill as brazenly as they do.

Older assassins respected innocent human life and used their skill sets to minimise collateral damage. This is why Ezio didn’t sprint around murdering Ottomans or Jacob and Evie murder metropolitan police officers, who enforce common law, something Altair wished would happen in the future (assassins are not anarchists as some numbskulls on here would like you to believe.) Yes, these assassins did occasionally kill innocent people when after a target, but this was due to the grave stakes at hand. Older assassins were morally charged people who questioned their own actions. They were concerned with being morally good and acted for a better world.

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And yes, the tenet doesn’t just magically disappear when dealing with combatants, although there is a degree of leeway. This isn’t merely my opinion but canon fact, as seen in the assassin bureaus in Valhalla. Those unwitting puppets in their masters strings count as innocents, those who may be ignorant to the greater plan but use their position immorally are fair game, as a lack of innocence is a withdrawal of the right to live.

I can hear the predictable responses right now. What about Cappadocia? This was a mistake. Ezio intended the explosion to serve as a distraction rather than to collapse the cave. Ezio makes numerous mistakes throughout revelations to contribute to his decision to retire as he couldn’t stay true to his ideals.

What about Edward? This is a hilariously stupid one. Edwards whole story was based on the premise of redemption and the change from selfish to selfless. He is guilty of his past immorality and uses that as motivation to become a noble assassin. It is amazing some people even think to use him as a gotcha.

The new characters spit in the face of the creed, especially Eivor who is an evil character.


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