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I’m trying so hard to like Valhalla but I’m not a fan

This is all personal opinion of course. It has nothing to do with the fact that this "isn't like the old assassin's creed anymore." I'm way past that complaint, and I thoroughly enjoyed Origins (Odyssey not so much). I just don't find Valhalla fun. And it's disappointing because I pre-ordered it with so much excitement.

Bless the devs, they've done everything they could to make the game feel fresh. But in all of that, it's managed to annoy me in every possible way. And might I add, what annoys me might be very fun for other people so again, this is my opinion.

The "parkour" and movement is at its worst in the franchise, I've never struggled so much climbing into windows or moving from ledge to ledge. Riding in the longboat is…boring. Riding through England on horseback is…boring. Albeit, the game is beautiful. Raiding is only fun the first 2 times. It quickly becomes a chore. Finding those "wealth" chests can either be extremely easy or a complete and total pain in the fucking ass. Doesn't help that some chests are locked behind quests and you would never know that unless you Google it after spending an hour trying to find the secret entrance that doesn't exist. I personally find no enjoyment in the mysteries except checking them off the list. And of the last 3 AC's, the combat in this one is my least favorite. Since the game released I've 'Quit to Desktop' with a *yawn* more times than a "wow!"

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I'm still not even done with Valhalla's main questline because I was trying to really get down and dirty with the game's side content which I didn't do so much in Origins and Odyssey. If I ever do finish it, it'll probably take me months. I have started playing Origins again. I never finished it 100% so I might as well.

I didn't mean for this to be a complaint thread, just getting my opinion of the game off my chest since I paid $60 for it. I recognize others find the game fun and will disagree with me. That's totally fine and I'm glad you like it! I just don't myself unfortunately. Open discussion is welcome.


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