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Impressions from a long-time Skyrim player coming to AC Valhalla

4,000 hours of Skyrim playing under my belt, decided to give the AC Mythology Pack a try for something new. 250 hours into Valhalla, and wanted to share some contrasts.

  1. The storyline and quests of ACV are delightfully more advanced. There is so much more depth to it than any of the quests in Skyrim. That said some Skyrim mods have excellent quests too.

  2. Graphics are better. Granted Skyrim Special Edition with gigs of graphics mods are not far behind (like Noble Skyrim), but SCV just looks better. Better landscapes, models, and textures. Only complaint would be the LOD of some flora that sometimes looks blocky when zoomed in with the crow from a distance.

  3. Skyrim frankly had better RPG elements though. Players have more freedom to adopt different alignments and play styles. You can be a terrible barbarian slaying everything in sight if you want. With ACV you're definitely restricted to who the devs want Eivor to be.

  4. The voice acting is generally more professional with ACV, though there are a few weaker ones (like the replacement smith). There is a bit of a lack of number of voices used however, would feel more genuine with a more voice actors hired for small roles.

  5. ACV has an immensely better combat system. There were some Skyrim mods that attempted to address it’s inferior combat functionality, like Smilodon, Ultimate Combat, Vigor, etc., but there’s just so much more depth to ACV. And I like having a limited number of arrows you can carry, makes you want to go auto fetch those you shoot and cherish them more.

  6. Wish there was more of a potential for mods in ACV though. With Skyrim you can mod virtually any aspect of the gaming experience. And I do mean anything, from making things more realistic, adding new free content, adding hundreds of NPC’s, changing the fauna, etc. I really think ACV could benefit from opening up to the excellent modding community out there, there’s legions of talented people that can improve on aspects of the game that you don’t even know could be improved upon.

  7. Skyrim likely has much more replay value due to the variation of ways you can play that game. I think I’ll wrap up ACV soon after only 250 hours, but considering it will be the same plot, will likely go to Odyssey and Origins next, probably shelve an ACV 2nd play through for a year. I’ve done a few dozen play throughs of Skyrim (Nord Warrior, Orc Barbarian, Elven hunter, Khajit trader, etc.).

  8. Crashes. I know some people complain, but ACV is more stable than Skyrim (even an unmodded SE version). I probably only get about 1 CTD every 20 hours, which is good enough for me. Also a lot less bugs, except perhaps the no lips moving bug while talking.

  9. The music is pretty good in both games. But Skyrim definitely takes the edge with additional music mods like Yggdrasil.

  10. Climbing is so much fun in Valhalla. Skyrim has nothing like that. Eivor’s skills and endurance amaze me and challenge my acrophobia

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