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Issues I have with Valhalla as an AC Veteran

Content of the article: "Issues I have with Valhalla as an AC Veteran"

Note: This is not simply a complaint with the game, nor is the intention of this post to wish for the bygone era of early Assassin Creed games. I simply describe several choices in the games design that I find undesirable.

This game has many redeeming qualities, especially on the Series X, but I will focus on its issues.

  1. NPCs: Ubisoft has long been one of the worst Triple A game companies in regard to game NPCs. This has been an issue for most AC games and they have done little to improve. NPCs in combat are not very smart and normal NPCs just walking around/talking to you leave much to be desired.
  2. Voice Acting: Some NPCs voice acting, especially the world encounter NPCs, can be downright awful at times. Eivor's voice acting is nowhere near as good as Bayek's in my opinion.
  3. Hair: What the hell has happened to the hair on some NPCs in this game? Eyebrows and hair on countless random NPCs that I talk to is a mess.
  4. Raids: Again the NPCs are the main issue here. Having to stand at a door or chest and wait for one of my moronic allies to awkwardly come over and help me is extremely annoying. Also, many times on raids or other exploration I find out that I actually cannot complete a location because it is tied to a story mission.
  5. Combat/Camera: Something I feared would carry over from Odyssey and it has. The zoomed out camera is god awful, especially during a raid or some other large battle it will constantly zoom out, zoom back in, zoom out again. Origins had a decent 3rd person perspective, Valhalla's is distracting and wholly obnoxious.
  6. The Story: Origins and Odyssey had interesting stories involving family, they were not perfect but I understood them. In Valhalla, I have no idea what Eivor wants, what she hopes to achieve, or what the driving force is? Eivor wants to create a new land for her clan, and is allying herself with various figures in the surrounding area. Doesn't sound too bad but I find it to be a slog so far. (Im hoping this will get better).
  7. Armor/Outfits: So far most armor I have acquired is pretty identical in look. Not to mention the "store" armor is all over-the-top mythical stuff. Plus at this point Im almost certain there is more weapons/armor in the ubisoft shop than in the base game, which is ridiculous for a single player game.
  8. Protagonist: After Origins, I felt that the protagonists of both Odyssey and Valhalla are not nearly as interesting. I feel it would be best for the Series if Ubisoft were to focus on a single character and remove the male/female option. (also because Im indecisive).
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I love exploring the world and its beauty, but I cannot help but be disappointed overall.

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