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Loved ACV, one of the better ACs, here’s what I think could have been better.

Content of the article: "Loved ACV, one of the better ACs, here’s what I think could have been better."

Like many here, I have played AC since the beginning but ACV, although one of the better games in the series that I greatly enjoyed, I had following issues that they can improve upon it future:

  • The Kult/Order tree was one of the great ideas Odyssey brought to the series. Although I hope it continues, ACV terribly underutilized it. For the first time, I had doubts as to why I was killing these people and many of of the upper echelons of the order were quite generic.
  • They seem to have taken criticism of Layla after Atlantis too hard and overcorrected by retiring her for the time being. Despite her flaws I liked having a modern day lead again. I hope Basim/Loki is not the Modern day lead though. I'm not cheering for that guy. Layla's trilogy is over give us someone new. Elijah maybe?
  • The game added a lot of lore to the world but for its size, it seems to barely touch the central question of the series: the struggle between order and chaos. Even Odyssey, that didn't have assassins per se, focused on it. This game felt like a spin-off Viking game set in AC universe like the Pirate game Abstergo was designing in Black Flag.
  • This might be the first time in the game where we neither ever become an assassin (or proto-assassin like Kass/Alexios) nor the creed is referenced. Kass seems to be naturally following the creed in Odyssey when going after Kult for her own reasons but for Eivor it's just a side activity. I defended Origins and Odyssey being AC games because they were still about the Creed even if we don't play as assassins most of the game, but Valhalla is not an AC game in my opinion. Heck, Eivor is offered a chance at being Assassin, and they're like nope, I'm good. It's like game itself references to it not being an AC game.
  • The setting was a generic medieval video game setting with a Viking wrapper. Most medieval settings in games (RPGs etc.) are based on English countryside. I understand that a game set in England has look like that and it might be historically accurate but the familiarity felt comfortable and stale at the same time. For a game that shows a war waged in shadows all over the world across the history, they chose the most generic setting and sold it wrapped in a "Play as Viking" packet. Beautiful maps but they can do better. I liked Norway, though. Would like to see a non-Western, non-Mediterranean setting. It's harder to research for those but it could lend the game a new momentum as not many games in AC's genre have such settings.
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