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Loved Odyssey, kinda unimpressed with Valhalla. Does it get better? (Rant/Spoilers)

Content of the article: "Loved Odyssey, kinda unimpressed with Valhalla. Does it get better? (Rant/Spoilers)"

So over the Christmas break I bought Odyssey on sale and loved it. It was the first AC since Revelations that I played (more than a few hours). I flew through it, 100%ed it and did the same to the DLC. What a great game. Loved the world, the characters and the story. I played as Kassandra but from what I understand there's not really any dkfferenf except I suspect her and Alexios roles are reversed.

Blown away and hyped up I immediately bought Valhalla (I don't really buy new games usually, especially ubisoft) and started playing and so far I'm not that into it. I'm only about 25h in though but I kind of have to get over some hesitation every time I sit down to play. The world looks nice but it's not as beautiful as Odyssey to me. Obviously that's a matter of taste but as a central European the landscapes are kind of nothing special for me. Eivor so far is at best nothing special imo. Too stoic, too little emotions, especially compared to Odyssey. The story (if you can call it that) is the same. Odyssey had a story about family, revenge, intrigue with the Cult while Valhalla has "conquer England". Also there's too much side stuff imo. In Odyssey I loved the side quests I did for historical figures and the mythological elements. So far the side quests or world events in O have been rather uninspiring While sometimes funny (girl with the leaf or the Leicestercire sauce) mostly kinda eh. I'm the kind of OCD player where I can't progress to the next region before I finished all the dots. This has led to some tedious gameplay that almost felt like labor and twice I spent upwards of 20 minutes looking for a way to reach a treasure before googling and finding out it won't be accessible until a later mission. Also I ran into one of those witches that way about 100 power levels above me with no prior indication that this would be the case. Also stealth so far isn't really a thing. By the end of O I basically never got detected with the skills I had equipped and could take down bases with only assassinations and no open combat. In Valhalla I'm happy if I can assassinate 3 bad guys before combat breaks loose. The combat is good, but it's still supposed to be an AC game. Why give me a wrist blade this early in the game if it's almost impossible to use it to its full extend? And Layla? What's up with her? She looks like a completely different person and is as uninteresting and emotionless as Eivor.

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Oh and for the first 10h or so I was really struggling with the controls because for whatever reason they completely changed it from Odyssey.

Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of stuff that V does better than O. The horse is much better at following roads and going to markers, the running is better, I like the mini games, the gear system feels less cluttered and more streamlined, the skill tree is different but I like the choices. I like the more obvious connection to the Assassin's.

After Odyssey shot from "eh, it's on sale, I might give it a shot" to one of my all-time favorite RPGs along the Witcher 3 within days I'm so underwhelmed by Valhalla.

To those of you who have played both, does it get better? Will the story get more interesting? Is there a character arc to Eivor?


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