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Major BUG in AC Odyssey reason for “lifeless” game criticism: Simple FIX

Content of the article: "Major BUG in AC Odyssey reason for “lifeless” game criticism: Simple FIX"

There is a bug in AC Odyssey no one has found until today.

It's the reason why many people call Odyssey "lifeless".

It's so surprising no one has found this simple bug until today.

Basically NPC conversation volume was set to 5% by accident during one of the patches (as compared to Origins and Valhalla).

It's the reason why some people call Odyssey "dead and lifeless" compared to Origins. Just a simple bug no one caught during testing!

Basically NPC dialogue is split into two branches:

  1. Player reactionary:

-Reacting when shoved by player

-Reacting when the player runs or jumps infront of them: "Posithon!" "Idiothin", etc.

-Singing, triggered by player vicinity.

  1. Non player reactionary

-NPC's in conversation with each other.

-This is irrespective of player behavior.

  1. Is set at the correct volume and is exactly the same volume as in Origins and Valhalla.

  2. Has been set at 5% by accident. It is 5% of the volume coded in Origins and Valhalla.

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It's the reason some people remarked how lifeless Odyssey seems!

You can test this by going into options-sound and turning Music and Sound FX to 0 and leaving voice at 100.

Turn up your sound system to full. Now go to a busy area like the Athens Agora or one of the terrace parties in Naxos.

Suddenly the game has come alive and you hear all NPC's talking with each other.

Now the NPC's sound exactly like Origins (harbour Alexandria, etc.) and Valhalla.

Try it yourself, and just see how in Odyssey your footsteps, grunts and even crickets are 30 times louder than NPC's talking with teach other.

Walk into any city, it’s like everyone is playing silent mime. Tons of people standing around together in complete silence. That's why people said it feels dead.

Turns out it was just a bug. The audio is there, just set to 5% by accident. I hope they fix this simple bug.

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