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My issue with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Alright this is something I have been feeling for a while. Let me just preface this by saying I love the game. It's really fun, Darby and his team did an amazing job crafting an intricate, engaging story that kept me hooked for 128+ hours, the music is impeccable and the world design is flawless. Eivor is also one of my top five protags in the franchise.

But Valhalla is not without it's issues. Putting all bugs, glitches and gameplay issues aside, there are certain things in the game and story that left me kind of… underwhelmed?

I'll start with the most recent thing for me. In previous AC games such as the Ezio trilogy, Ac 1, Black Flag etc, Isu artifacts were such a huge part of the game. In fact they were usually the focal point of the AvT war in those games. Valhalla on the other hand has a plethora of Isu artifacts that have absolutely 0 connection to the story… theyre just collectibles..? Now Im aware that Fulke and the Order were after the Isu tablet found in the Oxenefordshire arc, and sure thats an Isu artifact. But lets put that aside for a minute.

What about Excalibur? Mjolnir? Gungnir? Noden's Arc?? These are quite literally Legendary weapons.. they are powerful Isu artifacts that could grant the user with immense power… and yet they have no significance in the main story. They're just collectible weapons Eivor obtains while exploring. So my question is why? Why didnt the Order or the Hidden Ones try and obtain these weapons? Sure it could be argued that these artifacts were in unknown locations or that maybe the Order didnt know about them. But I don't buy that for a second.

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This is the Order of the Ancients we are talking about. They were able to track down the crystal ball in Vinland and Apples of Eden in Origins and Odyssey. Surely, if they REALLY wanted to, they could search for and track down these weapons too? Furthermore, they had to have known about the weapons since Mjolnir for example is the legendary weapon used by the Isu Thor who they knew existed since he was a reverred god in Norse mythology. They HAD to have known about it. So why is it just a collectible? Why did it have no significance to the main plot?

Moreover, Noden's arc. The Isu Bow. The only way to find out how to obtain it is to purchase the collector's edition box, and go out of your way to decode the Isu language. While this concept is cool, WHY?? What about people who have no interest in decoding foreign languages? People who just want to play the game normally? What about people who did not buy the collectors edition? These people wont have the joy of stumbling across/discovering the bow by themselves. Why? Because the only way they can find out is by looking online on YouTube or Twitter. This sucks the fun out of it by a LOT. I dont know man, I appreciate the effort and it's a cool concept for sure but imo it just sucks that I have to spend extra money and extra time just to find out how to obtain an Isu bow.

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tl;dr The game is good but the fact that the legendary weapons are just collectibles and have no connection to the story is extremely underwhelming and a missed opportunity imo.


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