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My Personal (Spoiler-Free) Valhalla Review

Content of the article: "My Personal (Spoiler-Free) Valhalla Review"

I’ve played and beaten every single game in the series, as well as any dlcs. i absolutely love Assassin’s Creed and i really enjoyed Valhalla for the most part. here are some of my more specific opinions:

To start, Ubisoft really stepped out of their comfort zone they established with Origins, and i think, for the most part, it worked. the new exploration system tied with the way you are treated in England being an invader and all was a well-made attempt. also considering that Ravensthorpe was the first home base we’ve had since Syndicate, and the first upgradable base we’ve had since Black Flag. i love a game with a good home base to make me feel like i have a place in the world. very well done. diving more into the exploration aspect, i liked the idea of the dots on the map, with you actually having to go out and explore more in order to find out what you need. and it makes sense considering that this is a land not known to you.

now, my counterargument: the skill tree. personally, i believe the way skills worked in this game was a huge step back from Odyssey and Origins. i’m a big Path of Exile fan, and when i saw that the skills were going to be in that same “spider web”-ish style that PoE has, i was very excited. however, as i got near to the end of the game and my power level consistently went up, i was disappointed. to me, i like having to make a specific build to fit my play style. i like having a cap, the idea of getting every skill takes away RPG elements in my opinion. because then, it’s more like filling in a chart than putting weights on a scale, you know? (idk if that makes sense pls tell me if you get that) also, i did enjoy the “world events” but i still prefer traditional side quests like they had in Origins and Odyssey.

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like i said, no spoilers. i will say though, i think the story of this game was 10x better than Odyssey’s. Eivor’s voice actor/actress did a much better job this time around, (no hate to Alexios and Kassandra’s) and the story in this game made you think more and you had to make some connections on your own to fully understand the ending.

i think the gear system in this game was great for what it was, it is just personally not my style. i like picking up loot from enemies and sorting through them to see which best fits my stats, and i think Odyssey absolutely excelled at that.

now for my second and last counter argument, this game, to me, was not really an RPG. my dialogue options, let’s say if your choices were “punch this douchebag in the face” or “ask him for the book” and you selected the former, after you punched him in the face, you’d then say, “can i please have the book.” i think i would rather a straight storytelling system with no dialogue options, rather than have dialogue options that mean nothing if the game is going to pick what happens for me anyways. RPGs should be roads that lead either east or west, with no turning back. this game felt like left and right lanes on the same street.

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over all, i think Odyssey is still my favorite and what i would consider the best game in the series. Odyssey to me was a true RPG, and the world was much more interesting and felt more alive. however, i prefer Valhalla’s combat system and story, and the game was by no means bad in any sense of the word. it deserved its good ratings without question, and i’m excited to see where the series goes next.

have a good one, people


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