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My thoughts on AC Valhalla

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So I loved Odyssey ad now I have played over 70 hours of Assassin's Creed Valhalla and I wanna share my thoughts on it

Visuals: The visuals in Valhalla seem to be overhauled as the LOD has been improved. certain mesh quality feels superior. Eivor's hair and Skin is very detailed. Not just Eivor, even the minor side characters have awesome attention to detail in terms of character model. The cloak physics feel a bit off sometimes. I can't compare this with Odyssey since it did not have any cloaks or capes. overall, Valhalla is superior to Odyssey in graphics

Combat: Combat in Valhalla seems to be a mix of origins and Odyssey with a bit of it's own style. brand new dual wielding system allows you to equip any type of one handed weapons each on one hand. You can even fight with 2 shields. 1 handed swords seem to be removed, with only Greatswords left. sad, but really doesn't matter much as Axes and daggers play the same. except, Axes are more brutal but slow, whereas daggers are faster but less brutal. there are now 2 types of skills. one is skills, which are similar to the passive abilities and mastery from Odyssey. They don't have to be equipped in a slot. They can be unlocked by skill points. you get 2 skill points in each level. They can be reset anytimes. other is abilities, which are the active ones and must be equipped in slots to work. instead of unlocking them by XP, you unlock them by exploring the world and collecting "Books of knowledge". certain abilities are unlocked by progressing through the story. Synin has been nerfed and can only be used to locate gear and items. Enemies can be marked with Odin's sight. The hidden blade is back and is less powerful than Leo's spear. this is to encourage combat more than stealth. this game doesn't give a damn about stealth. #LikeAViking. Also, Gore has finally been added to Assassin's Creed. You can brutally decapitate enemies in Valhalla. Overall combat feels slightly clunky and slow paced compared to odyssey but it is a lot more heavy and impactful and I like it. You will get used to it soon

World and Exploration: The world of Odyssey is sure breathtaking but it felt repetitive sometimes. Valhalla seems to have more depth and variety than odyssey. Odyssey exclusively takes place in greece. DLCs take you to the afterworlds. Valhalla has Norway, England, Asgard, Jotunheim, and Vinland. The upcoming DLCs will take you to Ireland and Paris. The environments in Valhalla are a lot more lush and dense. the urban areas seems better, too. Lunden is a breathtaking city. Side quests are replaced with world events, similar to the random encounters from RDR2.

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Progression and XP: The biggest improvement is the progression. Instead of doing forced side quests, the levelling is very balanced and there is no forced grind to progress through. You can reach the required level for the next story just by progressing through your main story. Enemies don't feel like damage sponges anymore and you can easily defeat an enemy 40 levels above you.

Customization, weapons and gear: In terms of customization, Valhalla is a step-back from Odyssey. Visual customization is removed, build switching is removed too. they might be added back in an update. There are some new features like customizing your hair and tattoos. but the lack of visual customization worries me very much. In odyssey, you get the rare, epic and legendary variants of of a common armor separately. but in Valhalla, you can upgrade a common gear to legendary. the appearance changes too. The legendary variants of gear feels kinda off to me as they are very unrealistic and too futuristic. The gold plate feels very off. this is the reason why we need Visual customization in Valhalla.

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Soundtrack and audio: The soundtrack of Valhalla absolutely blasts off. Jesper Kyd, Einar Selvik and Sarah Schachner all in a single game. the soundtrack was amazing. Odyssey's soundtrack is in no ways bad, but Valhalla is infinitely superior in terms of Music. There are some bugs and freezes in audios but will probably be fixed with patches.

Story and writing (No spoilers): Valhalla seems to have been improved a lot in terms of writing and story. In Odyssey, the writing seems ok most of the time. In some places, it feels like a fairy tale written by a 4 year old. in some places, it seems great. in some places, It feels almost Shakespearean. Valhalla has a more mature, gritty tone of writing with a good balance of humour and romance, it is written by Darby Mcdevitt, the man, the myth, the legend himself. For people who don't know, he was the writer of Revelations and black flag, arguably the AC games with the best writing in the series. Valhalla seems to be even better with connections with the old games and a lot of surprises and twists. Eivor seems to be more badass and witty. Forgive me, Queen kassandra.

My Final thoughts: I loved Odyssey, it was my fav game in the series. but now Valhalla has took the crown from Odyssey. it seems to improve over it in many ways. The game is currently way more buggier. perhaps, the buggiest AC game since Unity. But nothing game breaking. most are just glitches in animations. They will be fixed soon. IMO, Valhalla is the best game in 2020 so far, tying with GOT, Doom eternal, Half Life Alyx. This is the perfect mix of the old games and the new ones. if you loved Odyssey, get this game. If you hated odyssey, get this game too. as my friends who hated Odyssey seem to enjoy Valhalla.

Thanks for reading

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