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My Thoughts On River Raids

Hello everybody it's a Kawa a here!

Today I wanted to talk about the River Raid Update Assassin's Creed for Valhalla and what I think about it.

I should say this is a repost from something I have already posted on the Assassin's Creed Amino.

"But Kawa that game has been out for so long now it's almost as old as the first Assassin's Creed lol. Why are you doing this now?"

Well first it's not quite as old as the first Assassin's Creed, but it needs a Remake just as badly. And second I wanted to give it time to see if anything was going to be done for it before I gave my judgement.

So let us begin from the start. As I recall Ubisoft prior to the launch promised us an highly replayable update with good enough content.

When I thought a little about this I imagined that this game mode would give us motivation to play it and a very strong reason besides just being fun. Because being fun makes it playable, being motivating makes it replayable.

This as we all know, did not happen. We have three new locations on the map, in those locations we can raid for foreign supplies, which functions as a new currency, and for a new set of gear.

The gear, oh the gear. I love it. It's beautiful, and I am so sorry to have upgraded it to the max. Now it has that ugly red cape. But that's beside the point. What I want to say is that the gear is fun and all, but it is one. It has nothing to it besides being preety. It seems a Thegns armor reskin at some upgrades more than others, but that is it.

The foreign supplies are used to build two new buildings and buy some things at Vagn. What things you ask? Tattoos and ship parts. What do you do with it after you buy all the tattoos and ship parts? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Then what is the motivation for this thing? After I get all the armor pieces and all the supplies to buy what Vagn is selling why should I play this game mode more?

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I shouldn't and I won't. And most of you don't.

When I heard about this update, although I am not really into the Viking fantasy as much as I am into the Assassin fantasy, I was excited. Not because I was going to repeatedly burn down some village and military camps, but because I thought that what I gained from those raids would be worth my while.

Let me be clear about it. In the next paragraphs I am going to fix this update and show just how easy it would have been to make an "highly replayable" content in this game and let's go!

LOCATIONS One thing I should address is the fact that this map seems very big for just three locations in England. That makes me believe that we will at least see more locations added for Ireland and France, in their respective DLC's.

However these three locations could be better. When I look at them they all are different and show different parts of the British land. Only these different parts of the land are inhabited by the same people. Where are the Picts and the Britons? They already exist in the game and we barely see them. They are confined to these tiny places on the map and I would love to see more of them instead of the same Saxons every time.

How I would this is by having every of the River locations inhabited by one of these factions and add diversity that way. Plus I would also love to see sometimes a small military camp or village being taken over by bandits.

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ECONOMY We needed a better way to get money in this update. Although by playing you get plenty of money, you don't get a lot of resources and if you want to upgrade your entire gear pieces you are going to have a long time. You could make that process easier by spending some of your money into ingots and resources but that would quickly drain your silver. Trust me I tried it.

So is there something that currently is being hoarded without any use whatsoever that could be sold to get money and maybe get our gear in better conditions quicker? Well maybe we could use our foreign supplies! This is something that I honestly have a really hard time figuring out why it isn't in game already. Maybe imagine when you visit Vagn you have the opportunity to trade your supplies for whatever he is giving you, or you could sell it for silver. This silver would allow you to progress through your game a lot easier. Instead of getting to grind out locations that give you little money

One other thing I need should be improved is that the minor chests do not get reset. What does this mean? It means that once you have oppended one of them it will not fill itself by the time you next to to that location. It's weird that happens when all the other chests do reset, and the other loot forms do as well. These should reset. I should be able to get more runes and resources, other than the pitiful amount we get by looting corpses.

GEAR AND ABILITIES There are three abilities to find in the maps. After you find them all their places remain unfilled forever. I propose that most of the times this could remain empty, however sometimes I believe it should give a book of knowledge, granting one ability or mastery point, and other times there should be a map, pointing towards a chest that spawned in that same playthrough. Its rewards could be around 150 supplies, the normal being 50, or maybe giving both supplies and rations. Another reward could be a slightly higher chance of the thing I'll mention in the next paragraph.

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Lastly I think that Reda is bad. The whole 10 opals a day from his missions is garbage. It very few payment for the price of all of the items in store. So I would propose that sometimes in the chests you open there is an infinitesimally small chance to get one of the store items. I believe that way these items are much more fairer to get comparing to what we have now.

So what do you think about my ideas? Do you want to play the River Raids now? Do you want to hire me Ubisoft?


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