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New setting regarding rumours about future games and the AC writer comments on a setting in Brazil and Conquistadors.

Following hunders of suggestions in this subreddit – and I do enjoy to read them – here goes another one.

Alain Mercieca said he is feeling a Brazil setting, stated the Conquistadors period "fascinated him" (source). Recent rumours state that Medieval France could be one of the settings – again, just rumours. Some AC fans do want the old narrative back, others love the current system and the RPG approach – which follows the path that Ubisoft is building (source). Thus, I would enjoy to have a future AC game as the following:

  1. Time period: Game split by sequences, similar to old Assassin's creed games, but with longer timings – ~1300 to ~1500
  2. Epilogue ~1300: The game would begin in France, during the referred Medieval France, we would play as an assassin following the steps of the French Master Assassin Thomas de Carneillon – the killer of Jacques de Molays advisor, the one you play with in the beggining of AC Unity.
    1. During this time we would meet Philipe IV of France and Joan of Navarre, as well as Pope Clement V and King Denis of Portugal – this last one follows the dissolution of the Templar Order in 1312: the templars were received in Portugal, under the protection of the King, and stablished themselves in Convent of Christ (until today) (source)).They had to "re-name" this order as the following: Military order of Christ
    2. The modern-day passages would be nearby Tomar, Portugal ("The templar city")
    3. We would be able to follow the templar knights to Portugal, and spy their operations after the “dissolution” of the order.
  3. Main game and sequences ~1500: similar to some errors in the animus, we would need to use the animus to revive the memories of the Epilogue’s assassin’s great grandson, to check upon the advances and development of the templar order in Portugal and in Spain.
    1. Following the treaty of Tordesillas, that divided the newly-discovered lands, the Portuguese expeditions were heavily financed by the Templar order/order of Christ. The goal of the Portuguese king was to expand the empire and Christianism, but the Templar order would see these discoveries as an opportunity to develop their power as well as way to find the Eden pieces/artifacts. As an Assassin, the point is to dismantle this and supervise the growth of slavery and templars power.
    2. We would meet: Vasco da Gama, Columbus, King John II of Portugal, King Ferdinand II of Aragon, Afonso de Albuquerque.
    3. For naval travelling – with map limitations similar to AC Origins or Black flag – we would have the opportunity to use the Portuguese Caravel and the famous Spanish/Portuguese Galleons.
  4. DLC: Madagascar or India during the expedition to India (Vasco da Gama)
    1. Other interesting historical facts to explore: Portuguese “discovery” of Australia or the first European contact with Japan; Battle of Diu (One of the most important battles)
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Main Locations: Paris (Visual from Knightfall Series), Tomar (Unesco – Convent of Christ), Lisbon (Painting from ~1500), Brazil (the potential locations resembling Black Flag)

Main weapons concept: Sword Of Eden (mentioned in Unity); El Cid Sword;

Would to have an AC during the Conquistadors time, either from the spanish or portuguese perspective. A setting in Brazil, mexico or central america in geral, would be fantastic. Love it or hate it, historical games produced by ubisoft are quite enjoyable.

TL;DR: AC setting in medieval France, during the templar dissolution – followed by their stablishment in Portugal. Second part of the game would have aconnection with the Discoveries. Hope I did not type here any historical mistake.


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