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NG+ Question: Is it premature to go NG+ as soon as you beat main story, Atlantis, and kill all Cultists?

Content of the article: "NG+ Question: Is it premature to go NG+ as soon as you beat main story, Atlantis, and kill all Cultists?"

So I finished the main story, killed all the Cultists, and then finished Atlantis.

There are a TON of things I still want to do.

  1. True #1 merc. (I'm #4 in S4 right now).
  2. Tons of side quests.
  3. Level 99.
  4. Turn the whole world Athens, and then maybe turn it all Sparta, so the world knows I'm the true power of Greece.
  5. Tons of gear/engraving stuff I want to max out.
  6. Full purple gear with all the right stats, instead of my legendary stuff.
  7. Probably a few other things too. Not sure I want to 100% the game/world. There are some aspects of pixel hunting I find too painful.

I've also gotten to the point where I am better at the game, and my character is crazy strong, so everything is a stomp. I'm playing on Normal. I know I could just jack up the difficulty (which I've considered doing), but it isn't like I'd get to experience Medusa or tons of other epic battles on hard or nightmare at this point without starting over.


I want to do everything on that list before I get bored with the game (maybe that won't happen because the game is so good, but that's a tough call). So I am worried if I do it all now, I will burn out before NG+ and never get to experience all that awesome content at a higher difficulty with all my great gear, abilities, etc.

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My only big concern about going NG+: Will some of the aspects of the game I found annoying or tedious be absolutely soul crushing on a replay? I really hated some of the caves/tombs where the puzzles got really old and repetitive, it was hard to see, and it just felt like a painful waste of time. A few of the run and fetch quests, or things where you had to manually follow an NPC for 5 minutes kinda sucked. Getting syncs is fun the first time, but doing it again just feels blah. I wish there was a cheat code to just unlock them all.


Part of me did look forward to getting to a point where the whole world was really open and I could do anything I wanted on my schedule and by my plans….. but then back on the first hand, a lot of things that are cool to do are gone forever now (certain big bosses, etc), and the world/NPCs really won't react much to my actions any more.


I realize I have argued both directions at this point. Thoughts? Am I being silly?


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