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Nitpicky AC Valhalla Ending Questions

I know the main aspects of the game’s ending have been discussed in depth already (reincarnation, Isu/Asgard arcs, Loki having full memories while others don’t, etc.), but there are two questions I have that I can’t find answers to yet:

1) If you’re like me and didn’t complete the Norway animus anomaly until after switching to Basim as the modern day player, he says at the start something like “ah, my little anomalies. Let’s see how they turned out.” So, Basim is the one who inserted them. But why? What purpose did he have for inserting his own memory into the animus for Layla (and other Assassins) to find? The audio was fragments of conversation between Loki/Basim and Alethia where they literally detail their plan for surviving the catastrophe that wiped out the Isu – a plan that led to reawakening and reviving Basim with gaining possession of the staff of Hermes that has Alethia’s consciousness is uploaded to it. Wouldn’t revealing this information be counterproductive? They need to trick Layla, which means she can’t know their plan beforehand. I’m just trying to understand Basim’s motives here.

2) This is really nitpicking (hence the title of this post), but how is Basim fluent in modern day English? Norse and Saxon I can understand because those were both languages spoken in his era and he did say he spent like all his time growing up reading and learning everything he could. But, English as it is spoken today didn’t exist when Eivor defeated him around 872. Then he was just in a machine for a millennium dealing with calculations and stuff. Was he somehow able to still access information from the outside world during this time? If so, then why does he say he needs to learn about the new time period he is in to himself after Shaun and Rebecca leave? With Layla, I could understand them being able to communicate through Arabic, but he then has no problems talking to Shaun and Rebecca who do not speak that language (at least there is no indication they do). So, I have to assume they are speaking English to one another at the end. If that’s true, I want to know how. How does Basim know a language that didn’t exist when he was both Isu and originally reborn? He was isolated from everything unlike Isu consciouses and Sages.

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