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Noob Questions and opinions after getting to Athens for the first time.

Disclaimer: I have never played an Assassins Creed game before, and I picked this one up for three reasons: The Setting, the Female Protagonist, the VERY heavy RPG elements.

This means that I will most likely never play another AC game, this will be the only one because the others miss most of those elements (the setting being the least important, the female protagonist and RPG mechanics equally important). So EVERY game before Odyssey is a no-go for me and Valhalla seems disappointing from reviews plus I am up to HERE with vikings. The setting holds zero interest for me and apparently the RPG elements have been scaled back?

Edit: I LOVE the Ancient Greek part of the game, but as I have absolutely zero connection to the 2018 part other than knowing none of my friends nor any reviewers I Know has EVER cared for the modern parts. It was VERY jarring to be pulled out of Kassandras story to wander around an apartment for a bit for no reason.

Now, where does that leave me:

My first question / Opinion is…

Does any choices I make in the 2018 timeline matter, or can I just click thru blindly and ignore it? Seriously, I have only had one interruption so far, when the forge was activated, but it was really annoying, and all of that could have been done in a skippable cutscene instead of having to walk around and click on things manually.

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As I said none of these individuals hold any interest to me, neither does their part of the story, because I have not played any of the previous games.


That whole sequence, as I pointed out, would have been much much better as a cutscene. ESPECIALLY the mail-reading part, which I guess is really interesting if you have played the games before this one, but for me was just "Where is the 'Mark All As Read' button?". Quite frankly if feel I miss some lore I'd go to the wiki. Sitting and open Pretend-Emails on a Pretend-Email client is just not a good way to tell a story, it feels like a 2002 story telling technique. Very dated as a concept.

Third and Fourth…

…And here do we really get into the lore questions, I guess:.. I did pick up some things, and quite frankly, at least without having any previous history with the lore, it sounds like the ISU needs to be hunted down and killed, if there are any left. Again, this is my gut reaction from a 5 minute scene, which is my only interaction with this lore so far, but if they literally wanted to reform reality, then it sounds like any surviving ISU any anyone trying to revive ISU knowledge (be it Templars OR Assassins) need to be killed.I guess my question is… The Assassins are as suspect as the Templars, IMHO. How do we know their end goal is good?

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Also, if it indeed turns out it all is one big Matrix ripoff, as several emails seemed to hint at, wouldn't that make everything pointless, period? Or is that Ubisoft's way out to continue the franchise forever? "OH the Assassins finally won, but it turns out the entire universe was an ISU computer simulation, so now we can start over with 12 NEW games set in the REAL word after you break free from the Matrix!"? (Yeah I can be a bit cynical at times).


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