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Odyssey vs Valhalla gameplay system differences, lots of questions!

Good day. I'm interested in comparing Odyssey and Valhalla from certain aspects. When I search for "vs" or "comparison" videos, it's mostly graphical or focuses on skills, however I'm more interested in meta level differences.

  1. Loot: I heard there is less of them, but you can keep upgrading them.
  • Does this mean any weapon I like, I can stick to using it throughout the game?
  • Now that there is less cluttering in the inventory (I assume) and resources took over, how grindy did resource gathering became? I remember in Origins I often found myself forced to hunt to collect dozens of pelts to upgrade my assassinating weapon (which was gone in Odyssey because equipment had warrior / assassination / hunter damage on them instead). I hope this is not back.
  • Item balance: in Odyssey, once I completed the set that weakens poisoned enemies, suddenly everyone did maybe 10% damage compared to what they used to deal. It's so ridicolously strong it made combat trivial even against vastly powerful opponents in large numbers. Other sets however, like the one that makes fire damage tick 2x as fast, or the hunter build, feel very useless (unless you want to push balance to the other extreme and just oneshot large group of enemies, both are fun killer).
  1. Playstyles.
  • I'm looking for a game for quite some time that is much like AC, however I can play as a longbow using archer. I know archery was never AC's strongest point, it was OP in older titles, and now it's useless because even after a headshot (or 2) common enemies still live and scream all the horizon into alarm state. Unless, you gather a very specific set which specializes in archery, but even then your normal attacks are useless but now you have godlike skills that go through shields or oneshot enemies even if the arrow hits their toe, magical arrows rain from the sky or you can manually control it in the air which takes me out from my character, and I don't want that. Can I finally be an archer in Valhalla who can just stealth around and headshot-kill guards?
  • Similarly, at least in non-scripted situations, can I just entirely use hidden blade for instant kills?
  • Is there "bare handed" combat vs weapons? Not like punching Origins / Odyssey style, but in first generation AC titles there was a barehanded weapon option which allowed me on a succesful counter to take away the weapon of my attacker and turn it against him. Hidden blade was also a selectable weapon, which I loved to use over swords, as it's animations were mostly evading and landing a single massive damage stab with it.
  1. Open world
  • Don't you find it too empty? I know the game is larger a bit than Odyssey, but this map isn't 60% water, and let's face it, Origin's Egypt worked with so much empty space because it's thematically a desert. Did England get filled up with enough and worthwhile content?
  • I know the game starts in Norway and shortly after goes to England. I like snowy areas very much, and just different biomes very much. Can I go back to Norway?
  • Biomes: Odyssey had a variety of biomes, it wasn't just forests and greek towns. It was heavy on underwater exploration, it had vulcanic islands with ash in the air, it had even underground lava filled areas, it had white sand islands and saltmines. It had a large colour palette utilized in many biome types. Can I expect the same from Valhalla? Because every gameplay video I see it's brown and orange, everything looks like the same one forest and same one village. I know gameplay videos and especially reviews work with a lot reused and very early content, so I'm asking this in the long run.
  • How motivating is the open world to explore? The second gen AC games adapted a "?" mapmark style which I loved because it pulled me there, instead of showing the icons directly making me feel like "I've already been there, done that" when I got to a new city region and had the map painted with the same old, same old, same old icons. I noticed Valhalla uses yet another new system with coloured beams, what's up with that?
  1. Customization
  • I know we can choose male/female protagonist again. How does it work this time around? Because in Ghost Recon Wildlands / Shitpoint it was just a skin (and voice) swap, in Odyssey it was a permanent decision. If it is a permanent decision here, do we get the freedom to swap after the main story is done?
  • Transmog: Odyssey had a very comfortable system allowing me to play warrior-dress up anytime I wanted, for free. I'm a sucker for character creation, I can spend literally hour in a detailed one, so needless to say I made various sets in Odyssey often. Is there transmog in Valhalla? If yes, how does it work? If yes, can I save sets, at least on the level of Odyssey which allowed me to save builds? If yes, is the transmot item tied to a slot (so no matter what chest armor I equip it always looks the same), or the item (which means a new chest armor requires a manual transmog change to look like the same as before) ?
  • Are tattoos permanent?
  1. Combat
  • Did combat change in any essential way compared to Odyssey / Origins?
  • I'm really not in favour of special magical abilities, I stopped using Sparta Kick(tm) in Origins when it became ridicolous and sending people flying. Yet as I went deeper into the game (higher levels) I found that using skills is near mandatory for huge damage spikes on strong enemies. Is that the same here?
  1. Hardware requirements.
  • I play with an i2700K, GTX1060 6Gb, 8Gb RAM. Both Odyssey and Origins ran beautifully with some minimal compromises, on high/ultra settings and one or two things off. Can I expect to run Valhalla the same? I ask because we had a new console generation which always bumps up hardware requirements on PC too. Only 1080p.
  1. Events
  • Events seem to be a new thing in the franchise and I feel like I'm missing out if I don't buy it now, which is likely Ubi's intention. Do I miss out? Or if I pick up the game a year later, can I experience them, or unlock it's rewards (skins I assume) at least later on somehow?
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Thank you very much in advance if you'll take the time to respond to all this. And thank you if you've read this far!


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