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Ostara is a cheap reskin Yule. When are we going to get real content?

The ostara festival recently released and I have completed it all. All but three quests are basically the exact same activity we had in the Yule season, just with a different token and amount of tokens you get in these activities. When will we get a proper free game mode that is worth out time?

It took me a total of 2.5 hours to complete everything this festival has to offer, and it was not a smooth experience by all means. I was experiencing glitches that were supposed to be patched long ago such as the glitch where your second daily quest disappears. I thought this was an update to the game not a downgrade.

The three quests were short and about what you would expect from AC these days. The only criticism I have is that the beast that has been causing trouble for a while turns out to be a chicken. A CHICKEN! To be fair it it what I expect from AC, but please, try to put more effort into these quests, because it is clear that no effort was put anywhere else.

As for the reused activities, it is very disappointing that not a single activity was new. How about instead of reusing the brawl activity, you can have a race with other characters that we know in our settlement to collect the Easter eggs?

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The cosmetics in the shop look nice, but to be honest, I never did use the ones from Yule and I am definitely not going to use the ones for Ostara. Please ubisoft, give us some worthwhile content.

I only hope that the Wrath of the druids (which is releasing at April 29th btw: does not follow this lazy formula for festivals. Sadly, I bought the gold edition which comes with a worthless season pass, so I am stuck with valhalla for a while. This will probably be the last AC I pre-order or buy the season pass for. In the future, I will just wait for the 40% off sales and get the DLCs separately since all the "content" that comes with the season pass is worthless.

I don't know how many of you read through my whole rant but thanks for doing so. What are your thoughts on Osatara? Do you guys have hope for the Wrath of the druids?


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