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Over 80 hours in and Valhalla kerps making me sad

(Warnin: on mobile)

I've played every single AC game. There were great ones, surprising ones and disappointing ones.

But not once have I seriously contemplated to not even finish the main story. Even when I disliked the main story a bit, even id the story felt drawn out. There was still this red thread I wanted to follow. I wanted to find out how it ends.

Valhalla is a first time I don't care. Because there simply is no story thread to follow. I don't see the reasoning why Eivor would look for allies after saving her "brother". He's been a dismissive ahole from the moment we met him. It feels fake and stupid and so OOC to still want to help him after all that happened. Eibor just stays for some artificial story reasons. The kind of viking Eivor portrais in *every other situation would have left him.

Her bonds to the assassin order don't really exist either, so why hunt them down?

It's bad writing galore.

And there aren't any saving graces. The mercenary system in odyssey had solid perks, the ship upgrades are unaffordable without it. In contrast the one on valhalla is useless. They don't even drop useful stuff.

Then there is the fighting. It's advertised as "feel more powerful than in previous games". We'll, no. Ranged and melee combined, there are 3 abilities that I actually use. In odyssey I ran out of ability wheels, because so many were so useful. The Valhalla skill tree is ok and one thing that it makes better is the lack of level scaling. But Valhalla wouldn't have worked with it, because of how bad the abilities are. It makes Boss battles suck if you aren't leveled high enough.

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It's just… after how much I loved Odyssey, Valhalla compares badly. Eivor compared to Kassandra is almost as bad as Connor compared to Ezio. And Sigurd? There is absolutely nothing positive anout him.

There is no sympathetic lead in the story. The closest is Randvi, but that is like if Claudia auditore were AC2's best character. The game wouldn't have worked. Like valhalla doesn't work.


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