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Perfectly Legitimate Reasons to kill a Peasant in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

1) It is in your way.

2) It stepped in the path of your weapon.

3) It ran from you like you're some kind of mass murdering monster or something and made you feel bad about yourself.

4) It didn't run from you as if you aren't worth being afraid of.

5) It stood still staring at you..) judging you.

6) It was worshipping at an altar) Gods aren't real, idiot.

7) It was not worshipping at an altar..) like a heretic…

8) It was walking around in a diaper) Have some self-respect! We are trying to class up Greece.

9) It offered you an annoying quest.

10) It had no quests to offer.

11) It was not romanceable.

12) It romanced you in a dull and uninspiring manner.

13) You were trying to Sparta-kick-recruit it to the Adrestia to see if it had good buffs) Mistakes were made.

14) It made you press the wrong button.

15) It didn't warn you about incoming mercs when you weren't looking at the screen.

16) A good lesson to the others.

17) My bounty briefly dipped below maximum.

19) I felt like it. (From /u/Berton710)

20) They talked rudely to me. (From /u/TheRedOfficer66)

21) Gotta blow off steam somehow. (From /u/I-just_dont-know)

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22) They killed my bear. (From /u/ChrisTravern)

23) They rooted for the rooster in a fight. (From /u/hdhdhgfyfhfhrb)

24) Mumbling, speaking unclearly, or in another language. They are obviously slandering me. (From /u/rewinderz84)

25) I hate my job. (From /u/dragonslayingwalrus)

26) It looked at me weird, it got in my way, it bumped into me… ahhhh… I was bored! (From /u/Ryan525357)

27) It was suspiciously allied with a chicken. (From /u/Optimal-Marsupial-92)

28) It stood too close to the enemy I was actually fighting. (From /u/DannyR2078)

29) Wait, there's other stuff to do besides slaughtering peasants? (From /u/elegiac_bloom)

30) It came at me with a broom. (From /u/Hitokiri_Xero)

31) It didn't hail me as the Arena champion. (From /u/CeruleanBlade)

32) It broke social distancing rules during a pandemic. (From /u/Im-ACE-incarnate)

33) It likes pineapple pizza. (From /u/CEOofIndiajr)

34) It doesn't like pineapple pizza.

35) I was having a bad day. (From /u/FuckYourPoachedEggs)

36) I was having a good day.

37) It was ugly as shit. (From /u/Red4297 and /u/Luke4Pez)

38) It was too beautiful and vain.

39) It said Malaka to me. (From /u/quatoe)

40) It gave me the side eye. (From /u/artrabbit05)

41) It was probably going to snitch on me, and you know what snitches get? (From /u/Troutmandoo)

42) The crowd was threatening and had to be dispersed. (From /u/DeadweightMayCry5)

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