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Playing AC1 and AC2 the same time and comparison.

Never played 1 before and my second AC2 play through. Killed Vieri de Pazzi in AC2 and completed the first two assassinations in AC1. Just acquired throwing knives in both

Now comparing both,

1) Masyaf vs Monteriggioni

Yes I know, Monteriggioni is love but that mysterious castle high up in the mountain filled with assassins vibe. That strikes me in a different note. I find the Masyaf village cooler with it's verticality. I know Monteriggioni is supposed to be subtle , and a physical embodiment of hiding in plain sight, and the fact that we can renovate stuff, we have stuff otherthan training to in Monteriggioni. But still, Masyaf seems cooler than Monteriggioni. Also seeing assassins guard the mountain pass to Masyaf from the Kingdom mapbmakes it so much cooler. Leaving from Masyaf to Jerusalem/Damascus really does feel like leaving home

2) Outside the city walls.

Both games have countryside/outside city areas. But AC1 does really nail the midevial fantasy vibe. The Kingdom map is fantastic, with ways leading to all three cities and Masyaf pass being guarded by Assassins. Crusader and Sacrean guards at different parts of the Country. It has different viewpoints, and we have to use blend to bypass guard patrols(or just speed them away). It does make sense riding in a horse as we actually need to use a horse to travel, unlike AC2 which seems to have a countryside just for the sake of it. AC2 country side is just beautiful, but boringly flat green grass. The sense of freedom in AC1 is amazing, we're in the Kingdom and we can choose where we want to go, there are pathways to all cities. We don't have to do like first go to Tuscany, Forli and then go to Venice. Getting into a city by blending into monks/bypassing using patrol never gets old, and the vibe of getting into a city from outside is amazing. Sure it gets tiring with all the riding and absense of fast travel, but the countryside seems to be more fleshed out and seems to have more purpose in AC1

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3) Cities

This is something AC2 hands on nails. Jerusalem and Damascus doesn't feel very different, and aren't that interesting. There are not much landmarks, and the buildings arent that grand. AC2 did a wonderful job with the grand cities of Renaissance Italy. More suitable for parkour, actual rooftops, interesting landmarks amd wonderful architecture. Most importantly, the cities are filled with meaningful content other than mindless "save the citizen" in AC1. AC1 cities aren't that good for parkour too, ledges are lacking and some pathways are so dark. A lot of squares is what we see while running above. The town criers are cool tho. I still don't get why interrogation/pickpocket stuff show up right when we arrive in a city. Aren't they supposed to show up after we contact the local bureau? Btw having a bureau in town is cool af.

4) Gameplay

AC1 has very interesting dialogues. I can listen to Al Mualim for hours, but the game doesn't have any subtitles(or is it just me?). This just makes the investigation missions much worse. The loop of investigation/pickpocket is very unsatisfying, but the actual assassinations and targets seem interesting. It's much difficult to parkour in AC1, with Altair being slow, and the cities not really being helpful. Not much instances to use stuff like side eject to traverse faster. The combat is kinda same in both, but it feels more challenging in AC1. But lacks the badass vibe and creativity. I however do feel, guard outfits are ugly ass in AC2 and does affect how combat feels. I'm yet to obtain more equipment in both. Being chased by guards is hell in AC1 compared to AC2. AC1 guards seem to be climbing and following faster and also we have less hiding spots. More frustrating than enjoyable. Also I find myself trying to air assassinate guards and failing in AC1

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Conclusion: Even though I love AC2, I do admire how organic AC1 feels. It really does capture the Assassin vibe very well. It does not just recreate cities, but gives a midevial world fantasy that we all yearned to. Like when we played Prince of Persia, a part of us wanted to explore the ourskirts when showed.. What if we could go there. However I know AC2 only gets better and heard AC1 gets repetitive and boring as we move on.


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