Assassin's Creed

Please give me some advice!

First of all, let me say that i have many things that i like about this game. I like the characters, i love the vibe, i really love the world they created and i kinda like the story too (even tho im mostly at the beginning)

On the other hand tho… i have many things that i HATE about this game!

First and foremost, the gameplay is sooooo wonky oh my god. 9 out of 10 times im just sitting in front of my screen and do the facial expression that translates to something like "???????" Sometimes the gameplay is so shitty that i often find myself holding my controller and wondering what the fuck is going on? I get thrown off the vibe so many times that i forget to enjoy the game at all…

For example: sometimes characters just bug out and they dont do what they supposed to? I have to wait for like a minute for them to bug BACK so i can continue what i was doing?? The music just disappears out of nowhere and in the middle of a heated fight, all i hear is like 2 swords and a bow clanking left and right?? Also the game doesnt give you too many instructions and this combined woth the wonkyness of the game, im just wandering around in the middle of some missions, wondering if this is another bug or i fucked up or the game just chose not to tell me what to do?? Oh yea and i almost forgot… How on earth was i supposed to find the yellow painted ship god knows how many kilometers away from Grantebridge????

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Im not entierly sure how to explain the feelings i have because i myself dont even know what they are. I just hope some of you understood the issue i have.

I have to mention that i played w/ Origins and i feel like the gameplay is heavily based on that game. At first i felt almost the same about Origins but i eventually grew into loving that game, so this gives me the same hope for Valhalla.

Do you guys have any advices on how could i make it more enjoyable for myself? Did any of you experience the same thing as i did? Please let me know because i wanna love this game so bad but it doesnt let me with all these issues.


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