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PS4 or PS5 AC: Valhalla disc? Convoluted context included.

Content of the article: "PS4 or PS5 AC: Valhalla disc? Convoluted context included."

Hey, guys, sorry if this has already been asked but time is running out fast and I'm looking for advice on what to do.

So, I'm absolutely going to be getting the $499.99 PS5 console. Unfortunately for me, I missed the first round of Best Buy PS5 pre-order that sold out at Best Buy and every other site on the whole internet in like 0.02 seconds and–as we know–there isn't much notice before console pre-orders are made available.

I have zero confidence that I'll becable to make it through the second pre-order–whenever tf that is–round either since I live in a very rural area with one shitty DSL ISP that holds a monopoly over the entirety of my little community and all the others for miles around. So, yeah, my internet connection is a dinosaur and would fail spectacularly if I was speed-refreshing and frantically trying to claim a PS5 console pre-order on a site that's already lagging due to everyone in the world all trying to score a pre-order at the same time.

So, context finished and on to my primary point: I'm 100% getting the $499.99 PS5 but I just don't know when I'll be able to find one in stock and highly doubt it'll be on 11-12, online or in-store. I already pre-ordered frim Amazon AC: Valhalla gold steelbook PS4 with the digital PS5 full game (allegedly) and this is supposed to extend to all bonus missions and season pass content. I am a major AC fan and I have been longing for a viking game since the AC 2 jump to Italy and even more so after ships were introduced.

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Needless to say, I do not want to wait until <unknown console acquisition date>. I am, however, old school. Backwards compatibility aside, If I'm getting a game I prefer it to be on disc and for the most current console generation that I own. Also, I'm skeptical that the digital PS5 version of the whole game including the season pass/bonus missions/additional content will just run smooth as silk without a problem in the world going from my PS4 to whenever I do get the PS5.

So, here's my dilemna: I still have a couple days to switch my AC pre-order on Amazon to the PS5 gold steelbook disc version and I won't have to worry about any issues with content but I'll have to wait until fuck knows when to play the game on PS5. What should I do???


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