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Ranking the Assassins on the basis of their combat ability

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So seeing the recent game theory video where Matpat, basically says that Eivor is most probably the strongest assassin, inspired me to make this video. We probably cannot confirm nor deny that till most of us get our hands on the actual game but what we do know is the fighting skill of every Assassin prior.

So for this list, I've ranked characters on the basis of their weapons, armour and skill in true Death Battle fashion. The assumption is that each character has the best possible gear available to them and are in peak physical conditions. But none of them has access to any Pieces of Eden, so Arno doesn't get the Sword of Eden, nobody gets an Apple and Misthios doesn't get their broken spear nor staff. So a basic distinction I've made is protagonists who were skilled enough to use the Hidden Blade in Combat automatically are considered to be higher skilled than the rest. I've also decided to not consider ranged weapons because that would give the protagonists with guns an unduly advantage

  1. Ezio: I can see the Connor stans fuming in the comments already but hear me out, in terms of weapons and armour, Ezio takes the cake, with not one, not two but three different sets of unbreakable armour as well as an unbreakable sword. And he has bags of skill, Ezio is taking down enemies at the ripe old age of 50 something with the same efficiency that he had in his twenties. He can immediately identify a weak spot and insta-kill any enemy that swings at him when fighting with just his hidden blade. And speaking of hidden blades, Ezio would also duel wield hidden blades in combat, not only are hidden blades weapons that require good amounts of skill to use but dual-wielding is also something that requires good amounts of skill. Also, Ezio's Eagle Sense, allows him limited precognition, which raises his next-level awareness to an insanely high level.
  2. Connor: It was hard to pick between Altair and Connor, but in the end, I decided on placing Connor higher on the list. Connor is a prodigy, he was cutting through adults like butter at the age of 16, he held his own against firing lines and musketeers with just his tomahawk. Once he got into his groove, entire armies could be chopped up in a killstreak and his animations were both brutal and full of finesse. Simply put, Connor was unstoppable, 'nuff said. Also Connor despite his bulky 6'4 frame was supremely agile, gliding through trees like a nimble ninja warrior.
  3. Altair: Altair might put Connor to shame with his prodigal-ness, he became Master Assassin by the age of twenty which is mighty quick, he might just be the youngest Assassin to ever be awarded the title of Master. Trained from his youth to be a ruthless killing machine, Altair was quite literally untouchable. In the first game, you didn't have a health bar, every time you took a hit, you lost synchronization, so if you wanted to play the game exactly how Altair lived, you couldn't take a single hit. In the end, I knocked him below Ezio and Connor only because he couldn't engage in killstreaks like the other two, but again, Altair was a fucking shadow, he took out enemies with precision and skill, he didn't need flashy techniques to take out whole armies because he never put himself in situations like that.
  4. Edward: Edward Kenway, had no formal training at all, just an average guy who got piss drunk often leading to his wife leaving him. But despite having no training at all, Edward is a beast, learning how to use hidden blades intuitively, and being adept at dual-wielding them as well as dual-wielding swords. The thing about dual-wielding is that the sensible and strategic thing to do would be to pair one offensive weapon with a defensive one, but Edward managed to use two swords or two hidden blades and face absolutely no disadvantage, which would take superhuman amounts of skill. If he had grown up in an environment similar to Altair, and received even half as much training as he had, he could've been the greatest assassin of all time. He was this scary without any training, if he had gotten trained his ceiling is simply unimaginable, he would've made Connor look like a pushover. So my reasoning for how low he is simply his lack of formal training and the way he died, killed by a few meagre mercenaries(Darby I know you're on this sub, if you are reading this, retcon his death, please)
  5. Shay: Well, Shay's move set is identical to Edward, nothing significant to distinguish the two of them tbh. Shay very much feels like Edward with a coat of paint, which certainly isn't a bad thing, he too is a skilled combatant who can hold his own against small armies. The only reason I've placed him lower is that he reached Edward's level after receiving formal training whereas Edward was just that good out the box
  6. Bayek of Siwa: The Medjay of Siwa is a fucking badass, he was capable of holding his own against 5 different war elephants, survived hallucinations of gods that would kill others and can simply walk off being lit on fire. It feels unfair to knock Bayek so low, but logically this seems like a fair position for him. The quality of craftsmanship of weapons and armour during Ptolemaic Egypt simply doesn't hold its own against weapons from the American Revolution. Sure this is a disadvantage Altair and Ezio also face but Altair learnt how to craft unbreakable weapons and armour thanks to the Apple meaning that this is a non-factor when comparing them to the others above him(Ezio has access to the Sword and Armour of Altair). Also, a look at the overpower animations for Bayek reflects a lack of skill. The overpower for the sword and heavy show Bayek winding up to perform hits that should be lethal in every possible context but Enemies simply walk off a sword through the chest. Logically this makes no sense but the fact that Bayek is able to skewer his enemies but not kill them knocks him on the list for me. Him not being able to use the hidden blade in combat is also quite a disadvantage, all the protagonist above him would be able to instakill him with their hidden blades when he would wind up for an Overpower or something.
  7. Misthios: This one is a stab in the dark, I'm not entirely sure how exactly the lack of a piece of Eden and PoE induced abilities would hamper the Misthios's combat ability, but following the logic I used for Bayek, the older the weapon, the worse the quality of craftsmanship, meaning they had access to objectively worse equipment than everyone above them simply by virtue of living in Ancient Greece. But the Misthios is an extremely skilled fighter and a badass spartan warrior who has fought literal gods and monsters, so I could be completely wrong here.
  8. Jacob: Jacob and Evie are fast, they land hits in the blink of an eye, and are quick enough to dodge bullets. They do face a disadvantage here because they cannot fight with their hidden blades and instead use Kukris, Cane Swords and Brass Knuckles which are admittedly inferior to the arsenal of all the protagonists that came above them, and the arbitrary exclusion of guns I've put in this analysis takes away their major advantage. However, you would think that Victorian London outlawing the carrying of weapons would provide the perfect opportunity for the return of hidden blade combat, that Ubisoft simply refused to take. I've placed Jacob above Evie in this list because Ubisoft intended for him to be the brawler
  9. Evie: Evie is only below Jacob because Jacob's skill tree allows for him to dish out more damage, but don't let that fool you, Evie is plenty capable of holding her own against large groups. Equally skilled as her brother with wits that more than make up for the relative lack of strength, Evie and Jacob are by all means on par with one another, and I've only made a distinction in this list because Ubisoft chose to make one.
  10. Arno: Now it seems unfair to Arno to place him so low, but remember, the protagonists are largely superhuman, so being the most human of them all is nothing inherently bad. Arno seems to lack upper body strength, he cannot consistently catch ledges, he swings light foils with the same speed as Edward swings a heavy weapon. He cannot fight with his hidden blades, he cannot disarm his opponents and he cannot engage in combat with his bare fists. What Arno lacks in upper body strength he makes up for with his legs, man can jump like a fucking Kangaroo on steroids, his jumps are superhuman. Maybe if he learnt kickboxing and got himself some of those fancy foot blades Shao Jun used, he would be higher on this list.
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Edit: For further clarification, the fighting styles in the past are more primitive and less technical than the fighting styles of protagonists from more recent eras so that is another obvious disadvantage that I've considered, and all the first five protagonists(bar Altair) hold an advantage even when fighting bare-fisted thanks to their ability to consistently disarm their opponents and instakill counter with their hidden blades


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