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Rant about Valhalla after 250 hours

So after playing the game for nearly 250 hours I have a lot to rant about things I hated and also some other things that could've been implemented way better. It will be a random list of my thoughts, so here we go.

1) Social stealth is pretty much obsolete. This was one of the highlights in their trailers and yet I haven't used this not even ONCE throughout the entire game. It isn't even worth it for the majority of times because you can simply run away or kill the guards in a minute with no problems. There are no consequences and the game will never force you to use it. To me, it's more of fan service without any functionality.

2) The Assasin's are once again non-existent. I rarely complained about this issue in Odyssey because I don't really care at this point but once again Ubisoft advertised it in their trailers as if this time they would play a bigger role and they really didn't. You get the hidden blade, which is cool I guess, you find a bunch of old places with some cool assassin gear but that's about it. It never gets deeper than that, Basim is absent pretty much the entire game and Hytham is virtually idle all the time in the settlement.

3) The Settlement: It was supposed to play the main center stage of our story but is it really? There is much potential wasted with this whole settlement concept. The place is so lackluster and boring. You barely interact with your people in the settlement except for a very few scripted scenes. All the buildings we build are essentially the same looking. There are only a dozen buildings to begin with, so why not make each of them unique looking? How cool and amazing would it be if we could build a wall around the settlement, upgrade that to have defensive measures, and occasionally have bandits, Saxons or even other Vikings attack them? The decorations are also very bare-bones. It'd be for example cool to be able to upgrade the paths in the settlement. Like making them out of stone or wood to give them a more unique feeling. There was so much Ubisoft could've done here but they have done very little instead. Definitely underused.

4) Our longboat & ship is completely useless. I have maybe used it a handful of times throughout my 250-hour long gameplay session. Once your horse gets the ability to swim, it's absolutely unnecessary to even use it unless ofc you want to roleplay.

5) River Raid Mode: Honestly, I have yet to see a more unpolished and rushed mode than this one. Where to even begin. For some odd reason we can't use our own crew, this also means that we don't get to listen to any of the songs or hear any stories which make the whole thing very boring. Your entire crew can get knocked out by a single strong enemy type. This mode also has the most blatant copy-paste places I have seen from Ubisoft in years. They didn't even bother changing treasure locations, soldier types & locations, even the little trinkets, and keys can be found at the exact same place.

6) NPC Quality and Variety: This was something that bugged me back in Odyssey but it somehow got much and much worse in Valhalla. Not only has the quality of regular NPC's decreased by a mile but their variety seems to have completely diminished. They all look the same and the children look as though someone took the adult NPCs and shrunk them.

An example from Paris DLC:

Little mother and her servants:

The queen Richardis we save from these guys also has the same face.

This is some of the worst examples for NPC variety but you can find plenty of generic NPCs roaming the world in various different scenarios as a beggar, bandit leader, a nun etc… Why create this huge world if you can't populate it properly? This isn't some Asian MMORPG but a big-budget singleplayer game.

7) Hiding wealth & collectibles behind locked or barred doors, under tunnels is simply annoying. It is one thing to hide the most valuable things but when you hide even the most basic treasure chest (which we'll loot a few hundred times) is just wasting the player's time. A lot of these things aren't even obvious to find. You spent twice as much time searching the thing just to find out they're locked behind a mission or something else.

These are the main examples I can think of as of right now. Do you have similar complaints? I have to say Valhalla was my least favorite out of the three games.


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