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Regarding the last main quest mission

What am I missing? I did the mission while being very tired, half asleep but I feel like I missed something.

Let me recap the story, so Eivor travels to the small village, meets again the king (and head of the templar… wow what a plottwist or not really..) who seems so un-king-like like a 10 year old.

Aelfred drops on his way out that he killed Ubba. Eivor & everyone else goes mad (c‘mon I liked ubba too but a few minutes prior you all said to stay calm)

Eivor is at a point suddenly where she would want to do a bloodaar (is that the English word? It’s what Ivar did to the last king he captured and killed on the hill) with Aelfred and starts to burn down the village and escape together in the forest although a bunchload of aelfreds people attack them.

Then they all move to another village where they think Aelfred will celebrate Christmas (plottwist: he’s not there). Eivor stumbles into a trap that absolutely nooooobody saw coming. Kills Aelfreds right hand, leaves the church and finds a fight like we had it already 5 times or more. "Defeat the enemy“ but suddenly now multiple main characters that survived WAY more bullshit all die.

But Eivor seemingly isn’t that angry. Skip forward to funeral, traveling to tell the wife what happened and .. that’s it.

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Aelfred is forgotten? Nobody cares?

Skip further forward, all templars are dead. Aelfred invites Eivor (!) to a remote village and they chit chat and eivor leaves him alive? What the actual? A few days before (s)he would have ripped him apart with bare hands and now he’s OK to live his life?

Overall some parts of Valhallas story are questionworthy but I believed heavily they learned from odyssey and it’s ending controversy.

(For those not knowing what I mean, the odyssey ending is always identical. Happy dinner together at home and the only difference is how many family members the players left alive, who is alive is there. All problems are forgotten)

Or maybe I just have forgotten one thing here. Please tell me I have forgotten something.

Bonus critic: Raiding monasteries seems so .. un-eivor like to me. On the one hand Eivor tries to set up alliances and at same time is raiding probably one of the most important and richest locations there. And Nobody bats an eye. I would be OK with it if we would have more freedom and could skip it, build our village without those raids. But they are mandatory.

Critic 2: Why is our village. Again. So .. dead. So many people and nothing happens. Damn even GTA Vice city, where businesses of the player generate money, are more alive than this village. Traveling to Vinland = 3? weeks. So Eivor is gone 2 months easily and nothing has changed? Nobody earned 1 piece of silver which the clan leader gets? Nobody found anything important? Why is the clan leader in charge of fishing and hunting if there are people whose JOB IT IS TO DO THAT? A living village should have people changing relationships. People randomly selling stuff that gets it’s way to Eivor. The village should grow by itself a bit. But noooo

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