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Replayed most of the Assassin’s Creed Titles until “Syndicate”

I recently caught up on all the Assassin's Creed Games up to "Syndicate" and here are my two cents about them. Maybe it could be of interest for you if you want to hear a few things if you plan to replay any of these Games.
Also i should mention that i don´t had any Nostalgia "blinding" my mind when i played any of these Titles. In the past i only played "Assassin's Creed 1", "Assassin's Creed 2" and "Black Flag". I wanted to give a better view over these titles so i replayed them too in addition to the others.

Assassin's Creed (1)
I first played this Game when it was released on the Xbox 360 back then, and replayed it now to give it a better look at how well it aged. Well, it really is overthrown by many of the latter titles, most of it would be Assassin's Creed 2. Not that worth it to replay it if you ask me.

Assassin's Creed 2/Brotherhood/Revelations
First and foremost, to me the "Ezio Trilogy" is and in hindsight is simply one of the best games Ubisoft has ever created. Gameplay was improved a lot since Assassin's Creed 1. But especially "Brotherhood" and "Revelations" practically perfected the Assassin's Creed Formula at this point. A lot of people don't like "Revelations", but to me this title has reached a pretty high status for me thanks to its atmosphere and gameplay. The fighting mechanic was excellent in these titles and actually challenging. This were and are the best Games of the (Classic) Assassin's Creed Titles.

Assassin's Creed 3
With Assassin's Creed 3, the combat system isn´t bad and it´s very challenging, but the world to play with was just plain boring. Yes, it's not Rome or Venice, and the setting also fits the story, but from pure play, such a landscape is not good enough for me. I can also remember that I had to literally bite through more often than I wanted because this game couldn't motivate me at all.

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
Now look, i can understand that many see "Black Flag" as the best Title in the series, since there is almost no pirate game with such a gameplay. Unfortunately, from this point onwards, Ubisoft started to change the fighting system a bit for some reason, which meant that the games became too easy again. The fighting was almost a child's play and not at all demanding. The fight from the ship was quite good, but strangely I liked it much better in Assassin's Creed 3, and there it wasn´t even the main focus of the Game. I have mixed feelings about this Game since everyone praise this Game very high, but all in all to me it was kind of a letdown after the Ezio Trilogy.

Assassin's Creed: Rouge
To me, "Rouge" was just another mix of "Black Flag" and AC3, I found it interesting at first with it´s ideas, but based on my opinions about the previous 2 titles you can guess what my opinion is about "Rouge".

Assassin's Creed: Unity
Since I only caught up on the Assassin's Creed Games this year, I didn't even notice the whole shitstorm when "Unity" released and that´s why i can't even go into bugs or anything else.
It's unbelievable what Ubisoft has created here. Gameplay is much better than the previous parts, because the animations look first class and the combat system has been changed again, but this time in a better "direction", which leads to a generally better gaming experience.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
"Syndicate" is also a good Game for me, which was also due to the fact that I happened to be visiting London before the release. That makes the whole thing a lot more interesting, of course. The fighting system is good and atmosphere is definitely too, there isn't that much to complain about that game for me.

So for any last words, if i have to rank up any of these Games, it would be hard for me since these Games are very much all the same in terms of Gameplay. But if you would ask me which one i would replay, i would definitely say "Brotherhood" and "Revelations".
And yes, the Assassin's Creed Games can also be boring, not demanding and unfortunately they went too often to the typical "Ubisoft Formula". At the top it should also be said that it is also very questionable who will give their whole time to collect all the things that are so distributed in the cities. It´s just way too much in every Assassin's Creed Game. But still, I was entertained pretty well and i don't regret having punched my way through to this point, which would be "Origins".
Thanks for reading and have a nice day. 🙂


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