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Reporting a Problem: Share Play no longer working post-update

Issue: The 16 February update has inadvertently stopped players from being able to Share Play Valhalla. I was able to do this before the update. Any attempt to Share Play now informs the visitor that 'the game screen cannot be displayed because it is a blocked scene'. This is a problem that affects this game alone, and is something that only Ubisoft can fix. Share Play continues to work with any other compatible game, including Ubisoft titles like Assassins' Creed: Odyssey.

Steps taken so far: I've seen a number of threads mentioning this, but wanted to post something myself. Around 5 days ago I created a post on Ubisoft's new forums. Quite a few people have responded, but sadly Ubisoft have so far not commented.

I, and several others, have managed to report the issue but because it relates to Share Play (a Play Station function) its hard to know whether it is going to be taken seriously, even with multiple people reporting the same, Valhalla-specific issue which has only occurred post-update. Sadly, the live chat function is rarely available on their website, so its potluck whether you can even chat to an agent to report your issue.

My question is two fold: have others had this issue, and if so would you please consider posting about it on my forum post, linked below?

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It's easy for Ubisoft to ignore forums posts with one or two comments, but my post is now gathering some momentum, and the more interaction it gains, the harder it will be for them to ignore it. I would be very grateful if anyone who is able to would post about their experience of this problem.

My forum post link

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