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Returning to Origins after Odyssey/Valhalla, an even greater appreciation.

This might sound like another "I prefer Origins" thread and who knows maybe it is. I always did prefer Origins, but I'm not here to downplay Odyssey and Valhalla. In fact, playing them made my own personal skill and understanding better this second time around with Origins.

-Movement: Bayek's movement is fluid. The parkour of the series took a backseat with Origins, but compared to the following two games Bayek just moves almost un-interruptedly. Compare to Eivor, walking and running stiff-like, Bayek's movement has an ease to it and changing directions never really feels like there's a sudden break in animation or you stop for a brief second. I love it.

-Combat: The biggest change in feel, yet bascially the same template. In Odyssey, enemies were sponges and I never felt like hits felt impactful. The parry window was large and the game relied on dodges mainly. The only dopamine to come out of Odyssey's combat, while with a nice flow to it, was seeing meters deplete and numbers floating. That part is a rush to the mind in a good way, despite me not really into combat since I am a stealth player. In Valhalla, it's all about making it easy for all players. If you decide to hunt and you shoot an arrow at a deer and your reticule is red, that arrow is hitting it no matter where that deer is going.

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That deer can run down the hill, up the hill or move left or right, that arrow will curve like a homing missile and hit. It's really a magnet. In Origins, it relies heavily on your skill or judgement. Trajectory and releasing the arrow earlier or later really matters here.

Playing Odyssey and Valhalla made me appreciate the melee combat even more, too. In Odyssey/Valhalla, we're so used to getting perfect dodges to slow down time. When I played Origins the first time, I just focused on dodging any and all attacks. Going back to it, I took the knowledge I had from Odyssey/Valhalla, and pretended I would receive slowdown. I became better at perfect dodges in Origins that I found myself getting more attacks on enemies and taking them down even quicker. Plus not to mention every hit has a feeling of impact with that brief effect.

What I mean to say is Origins feels less clunky than I remember. Combat feels even better the 2nd time around knowing how Odyssey/Valhalla plays now. I love how grounded Bayek and the world feels. It feels a bit more realistic and holds your hand less. Not to mention Bayek's personality right off the bat and music frequency set to High, the atmosphere is on point and alive.

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The point of my rant: Origins movement & combat not as clunky as I remembered.


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