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[Review] Syndicate has been dragged down for far too long!

I've been seeing my favourite AC game beeing poorly treated for too long. Seeing glimpses of positivity here and there while majority of the playerbase seems to wrongfully judge it. Some of the biggest crators for AC generally hold it as the worst or 2nd worst (along Odyssey) in the series. I tried to be as objective as possible while giving my own subjective feelings along the way. I encourage everyone to join in on the discussion.

It has arguably the best gameplay in the series.

The combat is imo the single best in the series. No counter insta kill boring waiting style the first games have nor the combo chain of 3 4 and rogue. It has the same idea as unity but is not so slow but fast paced and fits the setting with given weapons which are great for the setting. It's fluid flashy while also being challenging and has skill progression. It's not the greatest thing under the sun but better than any other ac combat style. The new games use a completely different style which imo defeats the ac gameplay style and have too many abilities which defeat the immersion.

As far as skill progreesion and leveling goes it has the best pacing of all games. It properly introduces new abilities and skills necessary to pull off great assasinations.

Though it has less tools than unity it still has the similar set while bringing it's own depth due to use of the fire places the knives feel a lot better than the throwing blade in unity imo and the pistols are the best the series has had. I find the kidnap mechanic brings extra depth to social stealth with non leathal knock outs being perfect for ghosting playstyles. I still think unity overall has better tools but syndicate is a close second.

As far as the world design and traversal goes. I believe syndicate's definitely the best of the non rpg games if not 2nd best. Unity and Syndicate are amazing both look wise and atmosphere. Older games just look worse and feel less immersive. I personally prefer Syndicate here because victorian era london > french revolution france. This could be preferences of course but i just believe the industrial revolution setting of syndicate is arguably the best in the series. As far as the world it is by far the liveliest of the older ac games imo surpassing even origins here. Seeing people having a drunken scuffle walking into a bar and hearing songs which are topicsl to the story or the newspapers boys yelling stories of random characters you have met. In addition to the constant people walking around chatting and being all around more immersive than any other game they even realisticslly react when you join their close circles. Some mechanics here are missing sure like pickpocketing or throwing money but otherwise this is imo the best worls out of the non rpg games. And only reason i put them above is the simple size of them which does make syndicate's world far livelier. As far as traversal the parkour system is the same as in unity just more polished with some streamlimes which i find a positive enhancement. The sheer extra weight and the character deciding not to jump off of rooftops too far or back eject provides more realism. You feel like every leap or jump is possible (of course the leap of faith and the difference in gravity makes a difference but this is a staple of the series) this brings Synficate a lot more realism in parkour. The verical and horizontal traversal is great has amazing flow feeling of realism and it's simply fun. The grappling hook is a fun addition to make scaling incredibly large buildintw simpler and fun to experience. This is surely not a must and is just an addition you can easily parkour through the world without it. As well as using the zippline with early cancelation makes passing from large gaps fun and easy while still giving you the feeling of a true parkour master. The carriages are fun and handle well another addition which mskes sense to the era and mskes moving from large areas of the map easy and quick. However none of these additions while fun aren't mandatory like ships in other games. To me (and this is completely subjective) the ship movement is the least fun part of the games. And i know this is completely subjective so i'll ignore it here. I'd also put the parkour here in my personal opinion the best though if i was gonna look at it objectively it woulf surely be in the top 3 as some people prefer the complexity of ac1-revelations while other prefet the sheer flashiness of unity ( when it works)

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As far as the story i believe it suffers the most from the sheer brevity. Though the main story is longer than that of unity syndicate's characters feel like they are missing another 2 sequences to fully achieve their arcs. (The DLC definitely helps this though.) While this is true and for grabbing the sheer scope of it you need to squint and read between the lines the stlry while not deep per say it is still a fun journey of young assassins feeling the shoes and making a change in their own ways. Again it's no masterpiece, however i personally like all of the characters both main and side. They just have a sens of realism while also bringing some flashiness and gives me the feeling of following a little comedic play which i simply adore. The lighthearted nature of Jacob jux ta posed by evie's realistic view while fixing her brothers mistakes and being too focused on the relics that she almost misses the human side which both heroes have issues with. Jacob tries to fix everything for the people by taking out the bad ones while Evie does it by implementing the good ones. I believe the game's story isn't isnsanely great and could use another couple of sequences and i do believe the dlc helps it a lot. I believe ezio and bayek are the best protagonists followed by edward kenway and for me evie and jacob follow suit. What i have to say is that i feel like syndicate alongside black flag has the best and most versatile collection of side characters in the series.

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Finally i wanna hit on syndicate's biggest achievement. The sheer enjoyment of every mission (especially assassinations). It provides such variety while approaching every activity simply scout the area and have fun. Wanna simply go in guns and blazing? Sure go for it. Wanna slowly and methodically take everyone out with just the hideen blade? Sure go for it. Wanna use the insane amount of tools and great area design? Sure. Whatever you wanna do you can in an area to complete your missions. The assassination missions are undoutedly the best in the series. Giving you beautiful playgrounds with many opportunities with beautiful unique kills for each mission. No game in the series can compare when it comes to sheer style and fun these missions bring.

The variety of side content with their own little stories is fun. Again the lore of the game requires a bit of reading and in some places doing so between the lines. But as a game it's great fun, and as an assassin's creed game it's the single most enjoyable experience i've had playing as an assassin. And sure i can talk about the amazing sountrack, great end game loot, addition content such as the dlc, sherlock mysteries, ww1 or even the companion quests. This game sacrifices on the story for some of the freest and most fun gameplay of the series. Personally it's the best but i would say it surely isn't too far off when looked at with less attachment than what i have.

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